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‘TinkOMatic’ saves you time with ‘Parallel Searching’ : 100 Beta Invites !

tinkomaticIn this article we will tell you about tinkomatic multiple site searching.

If you are one of those who do a lot of parallel searching for any product/service you are going to buy online and also tend to track the auctions status time and again then TinkOMatic might come handy to you.

TinkOMatic is a web service that makes searching and tracking classifieds or auctions for multiple items much easier and time saving.It lets you search out for products such as cars,bikes,stuff for sale,jobs etc simutaneously on eBay,Craigslist,Kijiji & oodle and save your search results for tracking anytime later.

Usually,for doing constant tracking and parallel searching,we manually go back to the auction/product listing sites and repeat our search or subscribe to product RSS or may subscribe to email notifications,which mostly become frustrating for the user with bulk of spammy notifications landing to the inbox.So,thinking this aspect,TinkOMatic seems a good option.

In their own words

TinkOMatic enables users to easily define and track all of their classifieds/auctions searches- all on one place.The application makes it easy to define multiple searches across different sites, for pretty much anything you might be looking for: stuff for sale, auto, real estate for sale or rent, jobs.

Aside from searching the usual sites (e.g. oodle, kijiji, craigslist, eBay), it enables people to replace their RSS readers with something more comprehensive where they can define advanced filters, and choose to display price and/or location.


The results are shown inside customized search widgets that can be refreshed in real time and quickly scanned – giving a bird’s eye view of new results as well as the ones you’ve already looked into.

Ultimately,TinkOMatic allows people to quickly become power users, get the best deals, and change their purchase habits.

The interface of TinkOMatic is Flash based,which looks a bit irrelevant(there’s nothing in the site that really demands Flash but its inclusion makes the site much heavier to load,specially for slower internet connections).Ajax would have been efficient enough for satisfying site’s current functionalities.

The site is very much in ‘Closed Beta’ right now and we have 100 beta invites for TechPluto readers.Just visit TinkOMatic and enter registration code “techpluto” for getting closed beta access.

Below is a video to give you an overview of the service.

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