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Tim Cook Says Digital Privacy Is In Crisis – Top Trending Stories

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Tim Cook Says Digital Privacy Is In Crisis

Image Credits: Flickr Abdulkarim Sarmini

In an interview with ABC News, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that digital privacy has become a crisis. This is not the first time that Tim Cook has spoken up about the privacy issue. Surprisingly, he also said that he doesn’t want consumers to spend too much time with their phones. Apple’s business model is different from Facebook or Google. It’s not dependent on advertisers, so there’s no need to collect users’ data.



Tesla’s Warning to Its Employees About Info Leak Gets Leaked

Tesla has warned its employees about information leak and that warning too got leaked. The news outlet CNBC has accessed the email that warns employees with regards to data leak activity. Ironically the warning was leaked by one of the security team staff at Tesla.



Amsterdam Will Ban All Diesel, Petrol Vehicles By 2030, Is It a Good Idea?

Amsterdam is serious about pollution control and that’s why the city, known for its red light district is going to ban petrol and diesel cars, not sparing even the motorcycles. The ban will take place in stages. The process will start from next year.



BBC’s ‘Auntie’ Will Compete With Amazon’s Alexa

BBC is going to launch its own version of the voice-based service that will compete with Alexa. Currently, in the developing stage, the service is named after the corporation’s nickname ‘Auntie.’ BBC said that the device will have its own personality. The news media company is projecting it as a trusted guide. It will be downloadable to your smartphones and other devices.



An Unhackable Chip, Will It Be The Ultimate Security?

The University of Michigan has developed a new processor with an enhanced architecture that will boost the security of devices that it powers. The researchers at the university have claimed that the chip will be able to block any attacks even before it begins. If it becomes a reality, the current system of bug patches will become history.


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