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Tim Cook is Now ‘Tim Apple’ – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Tim Cook is Now ‘Tim Apple,’ according to Trump. Is It a Psychological Game?

Image Credits: Twitter Sean O’Kane

The United States President might be playing a psychological game, but everyone was taken aback when he called Time Cook as ‘Tim Apple,’ instead. The occasion was the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting and Donald Trump was sitting right next to Tim Cook and mentioned him as Tim Apple. No one knows why Trump did this, but it’s certainly not the first time that he’s doing this. Earlier he called Lockheed executive as Marilyn Lockheed. Tim Cook is a well-known figure and anyone who has got anything to do with mobile must be knowing his name and certainly, no one would call him Tim Apple. So, the mystery continues …



Facebook Pivoting, Millions Leaving It, Businesses Deserting It — End of an Era?

Image Credits: Flickr Jennifer Daniel

For the first time in its 15 year history, Facebook is going to pivot. Yes! You read that correctly. There’s just too much going against Facebook that it can’t control and must pivot itself to save its presence on the internet. The social media giant is going to introduce several measures to reduce the anger of several groups, be it the consumers or the advertisers. In his blog post, Mark Zuckerberg has said that Facebook is planning drastic changes to its social platform such as introducing self-destructive messages, encryption, and privacy. It’s a difficult task for Facebook, which is facing so many allegations and now when even advertisers have called out to its ‘despicable business model,’ its a long way from stability. According to a study, US users are deserting Facebook by the millions, over the last couple of years. But, at the same time, Instagram is gaining traction, a glimmer of hope for Zuckerberg?



Hackers have Become Impersonators, How Can You Be Safe?

Image Credits: Flickr Jerry Bassett

It’s not a surprise for anyone to hear about a hacker attack on some website for data theft. But what about hackers impersonating as police officers to retrieve mobile location data of users? Now, that part is scary. In a report by Motherboard, it has come to light that hackers have impersonated as US Marshall to get access to users mobile location data. They simply contact the telecom company as a police officer and ask them for users mobile location data. And not just hackers, but people who are involved in domestic violence also use this kind of fraud to get access to their victim’s location. The investigations are ongoing in this matter by the Federal Communications Commission in the US.



France’s 3% Digital Tax on Tech Giants, Is It Enough?

Image Credits: Flickr Sergio Foo_biker
France on Wednesday passed a bill that will now impose a 3% digital tax on tech giants operating in its region. The tax will cover over 30 companies most of which are U.S. based. Google, Facebook, Amazon will all pay a 3% digital tax on revenue generated within France’s territory. A similar digital tax fell apart for the EU last year. It seems soon other countries too will impose such tax brackets for these tech giants.


Google India Launches ‘Bolo,’ a Reading App that Will Aid Your Child

Image Credits: Google blog

Google has launched a reading app Bolo that will aid kids in the age range of 6-12 to read with confidence. According to a study conducted by ASER 2018, only half of class 5 students across India are able to read class 2 level books. Parents can download this app from the Android store to help their kids read better and smarter.


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