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Threads apps popularity explodes, reaches 100 Mn users

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News thar every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Threads apps popularity explodes, reaches 100 Mn users

Instagram’s Threads app has reached a major milestone of becoming the fastest growing consumer app in the history. This after it reached 100 million users within just five days of its launch. Previously, this milestone was held by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which literally took two months to reach 100 Mn users. Threads tight integration with Instagram and its ability to strike an intimate conversation may have proved to be a major attraction for the users. Threads exponential growth may spell bad news for its direct competitor Twitter, which has been facing multiple challenges since Elon Musk’s takeover. However, it will be interesting to see whether Threads is able to maintain this momentum.


OpenAI rolls out Code Interpreter Plugin for all ChatGPT Plus Users

ChatGPT Plus, which is a paid subscription plan launched by OpenAI nearly six months ago, has announced the launch of a new plugin called Code Interpreter. The Code Interpreter plugin allow users to run several codes in ChatGPT and can be useful for various purposes like generating code snippets, debugging code and experimenting with different coding ideas. It could also be used for analyzing data and creating amazing charts. Industry expert claims that Code Interpreter can prove to be yet another game-changer and could also render data-scientists jobless. But the Code Interpreter plugin is still an experimentation tool and its real impact will be known in coming months.


Tech Giant Microsoft announces more job cuts

Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Tech giant Microsoft on Monday announced more job cuts after eliminating 276 jobs in its home state of Washington. Out of these 276 jobs, 66 of them are supposedly virtual jobs. These job cuts will be in addition to the 10,000 layoffs that was announced by Microsoft earlier this year. The latest layoffs, the tech giant said, are aligned with its broad cost-cutting measures that will supposedly help the company in tiding the downturn. Barring Apple, almost all big tech companies including Meta, Google and Amazon have announced mass layoffs to tide through the ongoing economic recession.


Popular Standup comedian sues OpenAI & Meta (Here’s why)

Popular American standup comedian Sarah Silverman has sued ChatGPT’s parent company OpenAI and Meta, accusing both companies of copyright infringement. Silverman along with other applicants Christopher Golden and Richard Kadrey accused both companies of using content from their book “The Bedwetter” as part of their training data without their proper consent. The lawsuit particularly alleges that the Meta copied the content from the book from a website called Library Genesis, which hosts pirated books. The plaintiffs are seeking financial compensation and an injunction preventing Meta and OpenAI from using their works in the future. Using copyrighted material to train AI language models has become a contentious issue in the wake ChatGPT’s massive popularity.


Snapchat Includes Linktree Functionality in User Bios

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Video messaging app Snapchat on Monday announced that it has added a Linktree-in-Bio feature. This means that any Snapchat user with a public account can now add a Linktree to their profile, which will allow them to direct their followers to multiple links in a single click. The Linktree-in-Bio feature may prove helpful for businesses, creators, and influencers who want to share their contact information, social media profiles, and other websites with their followers.

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