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The Science fiction Book that Inspired Elon Musk to start SpaceX


The Book that made Elon Musk Obsessed about Space and Universe   

Today Elon Musk’s SpaceX is widely considered as one of the most daring and innovative companies out there. But if not for a science fiction book then Musk probably would never have thought of starting a company like SpaceX in the first place. 1966’s science fiction book ‘The Foundation Series’ is one of the many books that inspired Musk to look for solutions in the outer space to prolong the life of mankind. Last week the talismanic entrepreneur paid homepage to the classic sic-fi book on Twitter, calling the book as worth reading. By the way, this is not the first time that Musk has heaped praises on ‘The Foundation Series’ and this won’t be last time either. Guess this is one book that we all ought to read.


Trump’s rival Michael Bloomberg’s 70 pro-Twitter accounts will soon be been suspended

Twitter on Friday said that it will suspend 70 accounts that tweeted in support of Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign. The popular microblogging network’s spokesperson told The Verge that these accounts clearly violated platform’s rules and regulations and therefore were categorized as spams. Although 70 is a very minuscule number, this may still bring a bad name to Bloomberg’s presidential campaign and may prove detrimental in the ‘perceptional war’ that is considered key for winning any major elections. Just to set the record straight here, Media baron Michael Bloomberg is among Democratic Party’s primary nominees for upcoming presidential election.


Facebook will now pay you for Your Voice Recordings, but is it really worth it?  

In a bid to improve its speech recognition technology, Facebook on Thursday announced a program that allows users to monetize their own voice recordings. However, the payout is very less, with users getting to earn 200 points on each voice recording and they can’t redeem unless they reach 1000 points for $5. Technically, users get to earn a measly amount of $1 for each recording. While Facebook is being immensely transparent about this program, considering company’s controversial past record with regards to data privacy, you can give this a miss.


Google comes clear on Huawei ban, warns not to sideload Google apps on Huawei Phones

Any US consumer trying to sideload popular Google apps like Youtube and Gmail on their new Huawei devices will have to do it on their own risk. According to media reports, search engine giant published a support article stating explicitly that its apps won’t be available for download on latest Huawei devices, since the US government due to security concerns has blacklisted the Chinese smartphone. The only possible way to bypass this ban is by side-loading Google apps on Huawei phones but Google won’t provide any security guarantee for these apps.


Artificial Intelligence can Fight a Future Coronavirus

There is probably nothing that artificial intelligence (AI) can’t do including finding a possible solution to Coronavirus in future. While it is too late for AI to play major role in coping with current Coronavirus epidemic, in future it can possibly help in stopping the next outbreak. According to reports, scientists across the world have started using cutting edge technologies like AI and machine learning in their clinical trials to find possible drugs for coronavirus. And if initial results are anything to go by then the results look immensely promising.


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