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The Rural US to Lose Mobile Connectivity Due to Trade War – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


The Rural US to Lose Mobile Connectivity Due to Trade War

Trump’s ban on Huawei is going to affect an unlikely member of the United States of America. The ban will bring trouble to the rural folk in America where after the Huawei ban they could lose cell connectivity. A tech advocate has said that this problem isn’t being discussed anywhere. Link.



TikTok to Launch Its Own Smartphone

Bytedance the owner of the infamous TikTok app is going to launch its own smartphone with pre-installed apps. However, with the current trade-war situation it will be difficult for the company to succeed in the market. Link.



Dominos Will Add AI Capability For Its Quality Control, So No Cold Pizza Anymore?

People who ordered pizza through Dominos always had some reasons to get dissatisfied. For example, the delivered pizza wasn’t hot enough, or the toppings were on the wrong side of the slice. But not anymore as the company is starting to deploy AI cameras that will detect these shortcomings before they are out for delivery. Link.



Industry First 5G Laptop From Lenovo

Image Credits: anandtech

Lenovo and Qualcomm have introduced the world’s first 5G laptop. The Laptop has an integrated 5G modem. Lenovo hasn’t revealed the exact specification of the laptop, also no launch date is available yet. Link.



Hacking A Company Isn’t A Good Idea to Get A Job

A 13-year-old boy hacked Apple in hopes of getting a job at the tech firm. As soon as the boy hacked Apple, he informed others in hopes of good news. But the authorities had other plans for him. He’s under probation now. He said he had heard the news about a European who had hacked Apple and was later employed at the firm. Link.


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