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The Importance of Technology in Instructional Design

Technology plays vital role as it helps in research and development . Learn the importance of technology in instructional design over here.

When making plans for higher education in order to seek career advancement or to achieve any other sets of goals, it is important to look at the big picture. In addition to looking at the degree concentration, students must also look at their course load and determine what sets of goals they will achieve upon earning their higher education degree. How will this degree benefit them in the long run? Will components of this degree be obsolete by the time they have earned this degree? Believe it or not, certain computer classes are sorely out of date by the time graduation comes about during some degree programs. This is why looking at the big picture and all the degree requirements are important.

How is Instructional Design Degree Defined?

According to the Community College Journal of Research and Practice, Instructional design is defined as, “the science of creating detailed specifications for the design, development, evaluation, and maintenance of instructional material that facilitates learning and performance.” ((Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 35: 955–972, 2011)

How to Bring Education into the 21st Century:

It is estimated that more than half of all of an average student’s coursework will be completed using the Internet by the time the year 2020 rolls around. This means organizations, companies, governments, and other facilities will need the requirement of educational designers to be in place in order to keep up with these trends and educational demands. Use of technology in instructional design allows students to keep up with the continuously changing trends in the 21st century, thus better preparing them for leadership roles in their respective fields following higher education.

Examples of Career Concentrations:

Business professionals: business industry professionals need technology in instructional design in order to improve organizational performance and keep up with the ever-changing business climate. Technological advancements will also help businesses grow and flourish beyond the borders of their building because they will learn to better tap into global networks.
Healthcare professionals: the healthcare industry can benefit from technology in instructional design through the use of video conferencing with colleagues, as well as with patients. These types of dynamic advancements will also help this field continue evolving is so many exciting ways.
K-12 educators: elementary, middle school, and high school educators are especially in need of technology in instructional design because their classrooms are full of eager learners who are more knowledgeable about technology than the administrators are these days. Administrators can also develop curriculum that is televised, online, or a hybrid mix of the two for students who are unable to attend face-to-face classes due to illnesses or disabilities.
Military professionals: military professionals need and can benefit from the use of technology in instructional design not only for training purposes, but for presentations as well. When the average civilian thinks about military training, their first thought is combat and survival. While this is a real part of the training process, there is a high level of technological training involved in the military as well. With such advancements occurring on a regular basis, higher education in a technological field is essential.

Why is Leadership Important Following Higher Education?

Without use of current technologies in instructional design, students enter their career field or the work force in general ill prepared to meet today’s demands. When proper technology is in place, while meeting higher educational goals, proper focus can be made on the specific instruction, students need to set goals, learn new skill sets, obtain experience, test themselves, build confidence, and achieve success.

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