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The Best Frameworks For Hybrid App Development

For the best React JS app development service or any other hybrid app development endeavor, you must first select the suitable framework. 

What is an Application Framework?

The application framework is a software library that provides a basic framework to help the development of apps for a particular purpose environment. In more straightforward terms, it is like a skeleton supporting the application.

The Best App Frameworks

Choosing an app framework before going into intricate details of the app development helps the developers. It enables them to write the code once which can be used to build different apps that work on iOS and Android. Some of these App frameworks are as follows:

1. React Native

React native is one of the best app frameworks available. It enables app development by the use of Java Script only. React Native allows you to compose a mobile UI from declarative components. It provides the platform to create truly native apps without compromising on user experience. The result of using React Native is an App utterly indistinguishable from the ones made by using Objective-C or Java. 

Mastering React Native depends entirely on its usage. It means that the developer might need to stick with it for a while to gain the real edge that it provides. Facebook and Instagram use React Native to develop hybrid apps.

2. Iconic

Iconic is the framework with open sources for hybrid app development. It provides tools for development by using CSS, HTML5, and Sass web technologies. The iconic framework is completely free. It is licensed by MIT and used globally. It has over 120 device features like BlueTooth, a health kit, and a fingerprint. Iconic provides a rich library containing a front-end building and premier interface elements. The iconic CLI helps in building hybrid apps using TypeScript and Nodejs. The CLI provides the developer with a development server and offers regular updates.

3. Quasar

Quasar framework is one of a kind. It allows the developers to write the code once and simultaneously translate it into a website, mobile app, and desktop. Quasar brings to its users the UI following the guidelines of Google Material. Quasar is also free and licensed by MIT. it is best for developers who require less coding, easy development, and little dependence on third-party apps. 

4. Framework 7

Framework 7 is a free HTML framework used for the development of hybrid apps, web apps, and PWAs. It provides the option of being paired up with other tools to create hybrid desktop apps. The framework is based on iOs and Google Material to bring its users the best experience. Framework 7 provides UI components that run seamlessly on any platform making the framework very desirable and easy to use.

5. Aurelia

Aurelia is an assortment of javascript modules which bring about the development of mobile apps, desktop apps, and web apps. It is majorly aimed at those who use JavaScript or TypeScript. Some powerful features of Aurelia are metadata, binding, and routing. It is an entirely free hybrid app framework licensed by MIT. 

6. Ext Js

Ext JS is used for building cross-platform and end-to-end mobile web apps. It is a javascript framework prone to creating richly data-intensive mobile and web apps. Ext JS provides one of the best native experiences to the users and creates widgets that look native and feel for platforms like; blackberry, iOS, Android, etc. 

7. Xamarin

Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned company that has the implementation of Common Language Specifications and Common Language Infrastructure. By using a C# code base, the developers can create hybrid apps for creating native interfaces like that of iOS and Android. c# is more modern than Java and C++. Xamarin library is huge which not only saves time but also the expenses of the developers. It is in competition with React Native for the top spot. Xamarin combines creativity with affordability. 

Final words

Hybrid app development has skyrocketed in the past few years and it is best to make your app outshine others by using the most suitable framework. It is impossible to dictate one framework as the best because all the above-mentioned frameworks provide diverse functions which suit diverse needs. So, for every developer, the best framework differs depending on their needs and experiences. Make sure that you choose a framework that serves you well.

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