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How to Approach Secure Software Development

As we all know, the data that business entities have is very confidential. Of course, that data is very important to them but if its security is ignored then the business will inevitably suffer huge losses. The question here is whether the software that businesses have installed to protect their data is capable of keeping it secure?

Along with the answer to this question, we also need to look at the basis on which the business enterprise has implemented any software. This means that the business has to install the software to ensure that its data is kept safe and secure to sustain its reputation. Also, the budgetary factor needs to be considered to ensure the safety of your data and your money.

Software engineers solve the problem of business houses by applying SDL (software development lifecycle). It’s a very common approach that software companies take to ensure the best quality of the application. If you are ready to invest in custom software development, check that the vendor you’re hiring is following SDL.

What is the procedure followed by the SDL?

The SDL stands for software development lifecycle which involves six steps shown and discussed below:

Phases of SDL:

1. Concept and Planning

In this stage of SDL, the concept of the value of the project is created to understand what security and compliance are needed and afterward, an RFQ is created.

Planning can likewise incorporate criticism from partners. Partners are any individual who stands to profit from the application. Attempt to get criticism from likely clients, engineers, educated authorities, and salespeople.

Planning ought to characterize the degree and motivation behind the application. It strategies the course and arrangements the team to successfully make the product. It additionally sets a limit to assist with holding the undertaking back from extending or moving from its unique reason.

2. Architecture and Design

In this phase, the architecture and design of the security system are designed according to the severity of the threats and the risks involved. The architecture of the security system must be complicated enough to protect every bit of the data.

Prototyping can be a piece of the Design stage. A model is like one of the early forms of programming in the Iterative programming improvement model. It exhibits a fundamental thought of how the application looks and functions. This “involved” plan can be displayed to partners. Use the input to work on the application. It’s more affordable to change the Prototype stage than to revamp code to roll out an improvement in the Development stage.

3. Implementation

After planning and designing the architecture of the security system the implementation phase is started which includes the code writing and debugging errors.

The coding system incorporates numerous different undertakings. Numerous engineers need to perhaps lookout for any way to improve on abilities or work collectively. Finding and fixing blunders and errors is basic. Assignments frequently hold up the advancement interaction, for example, sitting tight for test results or incorporating code so an application can run. SDL can expect these deferrals so engineers can be entrusted with the different obligation

4. Testing and bug fixing

There’s no such thing as clean code. The testing phase of the project determines the errors or bugs by testing the code. After testing is completed and the bugs are fixed, the software is ready to be released.

5. Release and Maintenance

At this step, the designed project is released into different environments. And the advanced versions are presented to offer the customer the most customized experience. Most of the time, consumers want to adopt advanced versions, but some would like to remain with the older ones.

6. End of Life

After applying all the phases there is the last step. At this level, the developer hands over the software to you to implement it in your business.

Why is security an important aspect of software development?

We think that you must pay attention to the following points:

  • You need to provide higher security to databases of business by regularly monitoring for errors or vulnerabilities. It gives highly secure applications by eliminating the risks of data theft (through applying bugs in the form of cybercrime viruses) to businesses.
  • Likewise, good quality assurance and security from the beginning reduce the cost of frequent monitoring of detecting bugs/errors along with the cost of hiring a developer to create security software.
  • You need to remember to comply with the laws and regulations regarding the security system, otherwise, it would apply punishments and penalize you for ignoring the security regulations.
  • Make your organization more trustworthy for your consumers.
  • As the consumers trust your organization more they would want more attention from you to secure their data only.
  • The employees require training to most extent frequently when there is any new unknown problem or issue.
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