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The Beginning of all Great Things are Indeed Small – Top Trending News

Here are top trending news from the world of technology…do check it out   


The beginning of all great things are indeed small

A photo celebrating Elon Musk and his company SpaceX’s spectacular success…

Just a couple of hours back, SpaceX added another feather to its cap after launching four astronauts on a flight to the international space station. What makes this space operation a great milestone is the fact that this is NASA’s first full-fledged commercial space mission using a private spacecraft. To celebrate Space X’s yet another great achievement, we bring you the two photos that aptly celebrates the inspiring success of SpaceX. The Photo on the left side shows young Elon Musk sitting in SpaceX’s humble office while right side picture shows Space’x rocket gearing up for a launch.


Google is closing down its VR field trip app expedition  

Google is known for making some of the greatest technology products of 21st century that are used across the world. But not all its products have managed to achieve major success; in fact over the years many of its products have proved to be colossal a failure. Adding to this not so illustrious list is Google’s virtual reality app ‘Expedition,’ which offered educational VR tours to students. The app will be removed from IOS and Android app store on June 30th, 2021.


Zoom has some good news for its users on Thanksgiving Day

This year Thanksgiving won’t be a normal affair in the U.S. as COVID-19 cases has once again spiked in the aftermath of the recently concluded presidential elections. COVID-19 cases have also shown spike in several European countries including U.K and Germany.  Taking into account the extra-ordinary circumstances, Zoom earlier this week announced that it will lift its standard 40-minute limit on free video chats across all the global markets.  According to official statement issued by Zoom, this temporary removal will last from midnight on Thanksgiving Day to 6 AM ET on 27th November.


Anti-trust action in Turkey costs Google nearly $26 Mn  

Google is increasingly facing anti-trust action not merely in U.S. but across the entire world. This fact was validated when Turkey decided to impose a fine of nearly $26 Mn on Google. The Turkish competition board has alleged that the search giant of repeatedly abusing its dominant position in the search engine and online marketing space. This, by the way, is not first time that Google has been slapped with anti-trust fine by the Turkish government. Earlier this year too, the American tech giant was fined for its aggressive competition tactics…To know more please click here.

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