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Tesla Model X on Fire – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Tesla Model X on Fire, Cause Unknown

Image Credits: YouTube CBS 

A Tesla Model X in Pittsburgh caught fire for no apparent reason while it was being transported to the repair shop. In another instance, a similar thing happened back in February to a Tesla model X while it was sitting idle inside a garage. The car kept burning for up to four hours continuously. There has been no word from the company so far on this matter. Link.



SoftBank, Toyota, And Denso Invest $1 B in Uber’s Self-Driving Car

Uber has secured a massive $1 billion funding from a consortium of investors led by SoftBank that includes Toyota and Denso. On the eve of going public, Uber needed this funding to continue with its expensive self-driving technology. With this latest round of funding, Uber’s self-driving division is now worth $7.25 billion. Link.



Facebook Accepts, It Unintentionally Uploaded 1.5 Million Email Contacts of Insta Users

Image Credits: Flickr marshal anthonee

Facebook has accepted that it unintentionally uploaded 1.5 million contact details of its Instagram users without their permission. This has happened when the social media giant is already reeling in with so many privacy issues. You too could be affected by it as the affected users are not just from the US, but other parts of the world as well. Facebook said that the contacts weren’t shared with anyone and that it’s deleting them. Link.



Amazon Says Goodbye to Local Chinese Market

Image Credits: Flickr Girdhar Gopal

Amazon has closed its marketplace for local Chinese products in the country. But the Chinese people will be able to purchase products from Amazon’s global website. For more than a decade, Amazon was trying to gain a foothold in China but finally gave up. Link.


Japan to Take on Boeing and Airbus, But Will It Succeed?

Japanese firm Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. is launching its own passenger aircraft with 88 seat capacity. The company is trying to fill the gap in the Asian market where the demand for smaller aircraft is surging. Mitsubishi is already a parts supplier to Boeing. It’s not just Mitsubishi that is looking to tap into the passenger aeroplane market, the Chinese are also in the game.


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