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Tesla Launching Its Gigafactory in China, Is It a Game Changer? – Top Trending Stories

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Tesla Launching Its Gigafactory in China, Is It a Game Changer?

Elon Musk at the event of launch of Gigafactory in China
Image Credits: Tesla Twitter

Despite the recent trade war between the two giants namely, the US and China aren’t denting the prospects of Tesla’s Gigafactory in China. Tesla launching its Gigafactory in China has far-reaching implications. One, it will force the local competitors to change the tactics and that Tesla, which was so far a luxury car will appeal to many more buyers who are otherwise pricing conscious. The trade restrictions don’t apply to electric cars and Tesla wants to make good use of this opportunity. With this Gigafactory, Tesla will start to offer lower priced Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y variant. China is a big market for electric vehicles and Tesla wants a big chunk of it.



Ethereum Classic Gets Suspended from Coinbase

Image Credits: Coinbase Facebook

The cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has delisted Ethereum Classic currency from its platform due to double-spend attacks. It simply means that a hacker acquires more computing power and uses it to overwrite legitimate transactions and convert it in its favor. The exchange noticed this behavior for three days and ultimately shutdown ETC. However, Coinbase also said that the attacks still continue.



Talking Ford Cars to Connect with Pedestrians and Traffic Signals, A Strategy Shift?

Image Credits: Ford Facebook

Ford has plans to build cars that will talk to pedestrians, traffic signals, and road signs revealed at CES 2019. The automaker is confident that this technology will be standard on its cars by 2022. The technology is called cellular vehicle-to-everything (or for short C-V2X). Ford spokesperson said that this technology is as revolutionary as the invention of traffic lights in the 19th century. According to the firm, this breakthrough technology will make car travel much safer and more efficient too.



Samsung Smart TVs to get Google Assistant Feature, Is Bixby Irrelevant Now?

Image Credits: Samsung Facebook

Samsung after its announcement of a tie-up with Apple for iTunes and AirPlay 2 for its Smart TV has added another feather to its line of  TV offerings. This time Google has announced that it will have its Google Assistant feature enabled on Samsung TV. From early 2019, people can expect to purchase TVs with this latest add-on.



Amazon Beats Microsoft To Become Most Valuable Firm

Picture of Amazon CEO
Image Credits: Flickr Алексей М

By the end of the trading on Monday, Amazon’s market cap raised to $796 billion beating Microsoft as the most valuable firm on the planet. Microsoft took the top spot in Nov 2018 from Apple, which was the number one for a long time. Microsoft’s surge was the result of its investments in cloud technology. All the three firms are in stiff competition for the top spot and for how long Amazon is able to remain in the first place depends on the performance of the other two.


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