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Tesla fares poorly in its Maiden diversity report – Top Trending Stories

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Tesla fares poorly in its Maiden diversity report

Photo of Telsa charging station.

Keeping with the standard practice of Silicon Valley-based companies, last weekend Tesla released its diversity report. This diversity report aims to give an insight into company’s work culture and its respect for minorities. Now it has turned out, the electric vehicle giant hasn’t fared all that good in its maiden diversity report. The report claims that black and African American constitutes only 10% of Tesla’s US workforce. Worse, only 4% out of this 10% work at the director level.


Singapore Rolls out one of its biggest Blockchain programs

Various Singapore government agencies have come together to launch a new blockchain research program with $ 8.9 funding. These funds will be used to develop and encourage the adoption of blockchain technology by companies present across different sectors. As per the press release, this program will initially focus on the adoption of blockchain technology in trade, logistics and supply chain. It must be noted that blockchain is one of the underlying technologies that fuels cryptocurrency transactions globally.


Google employees and academicians lend support to fired Google AI Scientist – Timnit Gebru   

Last week, Google created a firestorm by abruptly firing one of its top AI scientists, Timnit Gebru. Now Gebru is getting much needed support as scores of Google employees and academicians are rallying behind her. Many Google employees have reportedly took to their social media accounts and nearly 1,500 researchers have signed a letter to express their solidarity with Gebru. If grapevines are to be believed, Gebru was fired for writing a controversial mail to Google’s internal team. In this mail, she reportedly spoke about Google’s toxic work culture and lack of representation of minorities including black Africans in the company.


TikTok is becoming a breeding ground for misinformation and bad advice on finance-related issues

TikTok videos are purely meant for fun and entertainment. However, off late it is being noted that many people are opting for the popular video-sharing app for offering ill-fated financial advices. These advices are turning out to be ill-fated because people doling out these free advices aren’t financial experts. They are just as naïve as any layman person could be on financial investments and other issues related to finance. As a result, many people have been duped by such advices. To know more please click here.

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