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Tesla Autopilot Saves Driver’s Life – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Tesla Autopilot Saves Drivers Life, Checkout the Video


A Tesla Model 3’s autopilot has saved the life of its driver and there’s video proof for it. The video shows how the Tesla car averts an accident by quickly turning left to avoid a car that suddenly takes a right turn on a highway. Check out the video.



How to Top Google Ads? Charge Customers More than Your Competitors

According to a report, Google ads that charge more for a service show up on top of the results even if there’s no charge for such a service in reality. For example, people in the UK are led to results where there’s a charge of $65 for changes in existing drivers license when it actually is done free of cost. This was brought to Google’s notice and Google had promptly removed it. However, this isn’t the only instance, the search results are filled with such examples. Google has said that it will look into this matter.



Facebook vs Russia, More Fake Pages Under Its Radar

Facebook is actively taking down several fake pages that are of Russian origin. After the allegations on Facebook, the social media giant has been trying to drive the point home that it’s not connected to Russia. Link.



Is Baidu the New Search Partner of Firefox?

If you have a geek in you then you can see the latest updates to Firefox featuring Baidu as the new search engine for the web browser. Back in 2017, Firefox had ditched Yahoo as its main search engine provider and decided to go region based. Baidu, the Chinese equivalent of Google might be a result of this strategic shift by Firefox. Link.


Amazon’s Alexa Records Relentlessly, And There’s No Way to Stop It!

According to a report, if you’re a user of smart devices such as Amazon Alexa voice assistant, you don’t have the command to stop it from recording you. The device constantly and relentlessly records your voice, the only way to stop it is to switch it off. Is it time for the manufacturers of these devices to provide with such an important feature?


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