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Tesla aims to launch its own Streaming Music Service to offer an Exceptional in-car Music Experience

Tesla is a brand which everyone admires for its mind-blowing design of electric cars and solar energy products. The futuristic carmaker is also planning to launch its own streaming music service soon and it has been in talks with major music labels to acquire the rights for streaming songs of the most popular artists in the music industry. Tesla’s electric cars usually come equipped with internet connectivity and a full-fledged dashboard that includes a touchscreen display integrated with a wide range of features. By acquiring streaming rights from all the major labels, Tesla will be able to stream proprietary music which could be bundled with its electric cars.

During the recent Tesla shareholder’s meeting held on June 6th, CEO Elon Music notified that the company was exploring music products to offer a Pandora-like streaming radio service on its Vehicles. Label sources are not clear about the ambitions of the carmaker, but they have the reason to believe that it’s planning to offer multiple tiers of service to ensure better flexibility in streaming music and maximum happiness for their car buyers.


Also, it’s unclear as to why Tesla is not opting to integrate existing streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify to their cars rather than creating their own service. Tesla has already partnered with Spotify which is integrated into Tesla’s cars sold outside the US.  But now they have decided to create their own music streaming service so that their customers could listen to music from any source they wish and enjoy an exceptional in-car music experience while driving.  Elon Musk commented during the shareholder meeting that “it’s very hard to find good playlists or good matching algorithms for music which you want to hear while driving” and said that his company is working to address this issue.

Tesla’s customer base is growing steadily and it has sold more than 25,000 cars in the first quarter of 2017 alone. They have also received more than 40,000 pre-orders for its new Model 3 electric car which is due to be launched in July.  Though its main focus is in the Automobile industry, Tesla aims to launch its own streaming platform to be able to serve its own customer base that is growing rapidly. By adding such special features, Musk aims to make their cars more appealing to potential buyers.

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