“Techlusive” is NO MORE ! A Mysterious Shutdown at its peak…


‘Techlusive’,a Canada based technology blog has shut its doors indefinitely without any reason or whatsoever today

Just a couple of hours ago, ‘Techlusive‘,a Canada based technology blog has shut its doors indefinitely without any reason or whatsoever.Chris R,the primary blogger at Techlusive was frequently blogging on Techlusive with his fellow blogger(s) before this unusual shutdown.

This is the message they are showing up right now :


This blog started off on June 29,2008 and saw a sudden rise in its traffic(+15K unique visitors) in the month of July,which is obviously good in any case. “Techlusive” according to us was a decent technology blog with frequent updations on its part.


It’s definitely an unhealthy action from Chris R by terminating his Blog service,specially when his team’s efforts had just started paying off(a significant rise in traffic in the last month) but there must be some strong reasons behind such an act.

So,talking about the possible reasons for this mysterious closing,we really couldn’t figure out any logical reason behind this act.Rather,it appears more of a personal/emotional or probably a psychic decision rather than a well thought one.

In any case,Techlusive is no more…(they may come back the same mysterious way they have vanished,but we will keep tracking what they are upto )By the way,if any of our readers has any clue about this shutdown,do share it with others in the comments section



  1. Jonathan

    September 4, 2008 at 4:11 am

    I’m thinking his was sue’d or possibly even paid off to terminate the site do to some of the critical reporting on a wealthy startup owner.

  2. Prashant

    September 4, 2008 at 4:49 am

    I have heard of cases where a blog got sued because of publishing a copyrighted content(image,video,music etc)but techlusive,getting sued for writing down their opinion about a startup isn’t a feasible possibility at all.
    “Getting paid off for shutdown for whtever reason” is still a possibility for such a tragic end…

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