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Taylor Swift is Facial Scanning Fans at Her Concerts – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Taylor Swift is Facial Scanning Fans at Her Concerts, Is It a Start of Concert Surveillance State?

Young Taylor Swift fans waiting outside with her posters
Image Credits: Flickr Larry Darling

 According to media, Taylor Swift who is a sensational singer from the U.S. is using facial recognition in her concerts. The latest report on the use of this tech came from her concert that took place in California Rose Bowl. The reason provided by Taylor Swift is the tracking and weeding out of her hundreds of stalkers. But, to find out stalkers, why there’s a need for scanning thousands of other fans. Will it go down well with her followers? No reaction has come from any of her fans so far. Still, it raises some pertinent questions. Like, are we moving into a concert surveillance state now?



Apple’s Premium News App, Will It Save Newspapers and Magazines?

Apple's Texture app screen shot
Image Credits: Apple India Website

In 2010, when Apple launched iPad, many publishers believed that it will save them from the onslaught of digital giants such as Google and Facebook. But, such a day never came across. Still, Apple seems to have a plan to capture the online news and magazine subscription business. It’s going to relaunch Texture, the magazine aggregator app that provides curated articles from over 200 magazines to its premium subscribers. In a day when people just Google for the news, it’s still early for any of us to give a verdict on this latest drive from Apple.



E-Scooter’s are Super-Hackable, Should You Be Getting One?

A women riding e-scooter
Image Credits: Flickr BikePortland

Your $500 e-scooters aren’t safe. A twitter message has revealed a $32 kit that can transform any Bird e-scooter into your own in no time. Companies are concerned and are working towards a fix. If the makers of e-scooters want to save this business then they need to make sure that such incidents do not take place.



Rescue Drone That Can Transform Mid-air, Is It a Breakthrough in Rescue Operations?

Image Credits: Flickr Dron odromo

Researchers at the University of Zurich have made a breakthrough in drone technology. The drone can transform while flying. The researchers said that the ability to transform mid-air will allow it to go through narrow passages non-stop. It will boost the capabilities of the rescue operations.



Microsoft Is Taking on Google Optimize With Its Clarity, Is It Worth Your Time?

Microsoft building
Image Credits: Flickr Robert Scoble

Microsoft has shown tremendous growth in cloud computing. Now, it wants to go even further. With Clarity, the website optimization tool, it’s doing just that. The tool is still in its beta stage but has shown promising features and performance. Finally, a true contender has arrived to face Google’s Optimize.


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