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Sweden Scoops Review

Sweden has been ranked as the number one state with the fastest 4G LTE network. Learn more from Sweden scoops review detailed below.

The 4G LTE is the latest mobile network that has started being used recently. As a result many phone manufacturers are providing their latest released phones with this LTE support. At present there are many 4G phones available in the tech markets these days, ready to exploit this LTE network soon.

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is same like any other network protocol. LTE offers high speed data transfers for mobile and other data terminals. Also it uses and offers much higher bandwidth than the presently popular 3G networks.

This new 4G network is slowly spreading to the entire globe and is currently used in dozens of regions. But as per the new global report that goes by the name ‘The State of LTE’ Sweden has been ranked as the number one state with the fastest 4G LTE network available on a global level.

A British mobile network testing company named ‘OpenSignal’ has released a detailed report that evaluates and delivers an overall overview of the state of LTE network throughout the entire globe. One of the revelations in this report was quite intriguing and shocking that clarified that Sweden has the fastest 4G LTE network as compared to the entire world. The shocking part of this report was that Sweden has even beaten USA that has the most number of the LTE networks of the world.

In Sweden, the average downlink speed of these 4G LTE networks in around 22 Mbps whereas when we consider the case of US 4G LTE networks, they offer a download speed of merely 9.6 Mbps that could not even beat Australia, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong or South Korea.

One another astonishing conclusion from these figures was that the slowest 4G LTE network in the world is available with Japan, which is a giant technology hub and the originator of most of the latest technologies. For users of the iPhone 5 4G and other 4G handset users, frustration is bound to occur as the Japanese 4G LTE operators presently support a download speed of merely 7.1 Mbps.

The technology analysis and news website named GigaOM has held responsible the not so impressive 4G LTE spectrum holdings of the US mobile operators for such sloppy downlink speeds. The website also added that when all around the world most of the operators are using 40 MHz band for the 4G LTE network operations, the US operators opted for much smaller frequencies.

Where Verizon and AT&T are operating in the 20 MHz band as their initial rollout operative frequencies, on the other hand operators like Sprint and MetroPCS are even pathetic with 10 MHz band range. The lower the band that an operator uses, the lesser are the bandwidth offerings and lesser are the number of connections that it can withstand. If you work with half of the spectrum, you can offer half the bandwidth only.

OpenSignal, that collects anonymous data from millions of mobile phone and smartphone users that have already downloaded their free analysis application and then aggregates these data measurements, revealed some really vital statistics regarding the 4G LTE in their report.  Some of the inclusions of these conclusions by OpenSignal are listed as follows:

  • At present as many as 62 countries are providing 4G LTE network to its mobile users.
  • On one hand where there are 21 countries around the globe which already have their 4G LTE implementation scheduled in the near future, at the same time, on the other hand there are 14 countries that are still dealing with the respective negotiations of accepting 4G LTE networks.
  • As far as global levels are concerned, the average download speed of the 4G LTE network is around 10.4 Mbps.
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