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Surprise buy up of prominent robotics firms Boston Dynamics and Schaff by SoftBank 

In a surprise move, Softbank has announced that it is going to buy Boston Dynamics and Schaff. Both of these firms are the big dogs of the robotic industry. Softbank up till now was operating its own Pepper robot. Now it will have access to most secretive robot development program by purchasing these two firms from Google.

A Softbank spokesperson has confirmed the news of the buyout. However, the details of terms and conditions are not yet out in the open.

Google had intentions to sell out these two robotic firms to offload some losses. Moreover, Toyota was eyeing this acquisition as well but Softbank has taken a lead here.

It looks like that the Japanese firms are very keen in robotic technology. If Toyota failed to purchase it, the firms have anyways gone to an another Japanese giant.

Boston Dynamics softbank pepper robot

The Softbank chief Masayoshi Son clarified that the humans are still incapable of handling several tasks. Therefore, the robots will drive the next wave of information technology. Smart robotics are going to take over the future of industry according to him. The CEO is super excited to welcome these firms into the family.

Recently Softbank purchased high computing chip making firm ARM Holdings for $24 billion. The firm is eager to spend on purchasing those firms that make sense to it as a future of computing.

The purchase from Alphabet is yet another step in this direction. Softbank is diversifying its moves. This addition will make more sense to its portfolio. Softbank needs to justify its acquisitions as many of its purchases have not returned an expected profit. However, it is confident that it is taking the right steps to secure itself a great position for the future.

A similar case is at the Boston’s headquarters. They are happy to become a part of such a reputed firm from Japan. Moreover, they looking for a better future as a partner in growth and prosperity.

Both these entities are believers of “technology for the benefit of humanity”. The founder CEO of Boston Dynamics Marc Raibert is confident that this takeover will bring forth technology which is both revolutionary and sustainable.

With this acquisition, both of the robotic firms are looking to advance ahead and breaking all barriers. A mission to make the world which is better connected and better served by technology. Both the firms believe in delivery of services in a much smarter and advanced manner while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Whether it is to deliver pizza at your doorstep or teaching kids. The robots are becoming ubiquitous in our day to day activities reducing our workload. However, a major area where robots can play a crucial role is security and rescue operations.

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