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SuperVirals Review

Here’s Supervirals reviews. Supervirals offers you a way to exercise your creative mind by creating promotional videos, audio, pictures etc for brands and get rewarded by the brands.

What’s that !


Do you spot a “creative edge” in yourself which hasn’t been utilized for anything BIG ? Or you find a lot of ‘absurd’ & ‘Out of the box’ ideas bubbling out of your brain about different things.Then a website can probably be of good use to you.That’s Supervirals

Supervirals is a website that offers you a way to exercise your creative mind by creating promotional videos,audio,pictures etc for brands and get rewarded by the brands if you win the competition(by being the most viral/popular).

This Sydney based startup has been operating since late 2006 and has conducted a number of Brand ideation competitions on their site but hasn’t been able to take-off really well till now.

Concept in itself is unique but has certain loopholes and limitations,which make it a poor deal for many creative users to try Supervirals.


What it offers…

  • Cash rewards for creating a viral ideas for brands(for users)
  • To squeeze out crazy ideas from general public(for brands)

Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • Novelty – It’s basically a platform where consumer generated content serves the brands,which is unique in itself.With right execution,globalisation and marketing,it can work out really well

Why it may prove to be a Web Struggler !

  • Local participation – Every brand that shows up on Supervirals comes with its regional limitation.Majority of them are australian brands and participation is also from the same country only.This makes all the audience to be from australia only,nowhere else.
  • Poor execution – Besides having a unique concept,the execution has not been really well.They have been lacking in getting enough brands on their platform to get the things going.
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