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SunVPN: Unblock the Internet

SunVPN unblock the internet. SunVPN is one of the major VPN service providers with servers in multiple worldwide locations.

As the threats of internet are increasing day to day, people are adopting the  latest advancements in the cyber world to protect themselves from cyber crimes. One such way is to use a Virtual Private Network (or VPN). A VPN service encrypts all your data from the internet and transmits this encrypted data to the destination. This data is decrypted at the destination, making the data inaccessible to any middle party be it your ISP or net admins at your workplace.

SunVPN is one of the major VPN service providers with servers in multiple worldwide locations including US, Canada, Germany, Romania and Singapore. The best part about SunVPN is that it uses PPTP and OpenVPN protocols on all its servers. As the OpenVPN protocol is open source, this ensures that their VPN service is continuously being improved. 24X7 tech support is also available.To try the SunVPN services, head on to their website.

The Good:

  • 256-bit AES encryption providing online security
  • Unblocks all websites
  • Multiple server locations worldwide
  • Customized VPN installer
  • Mobile Services

Not so good:

  • Mobile version not available for Symbian/Nokia
  • L2TP/SSTP not yet available
  • P2P not allowed

SunVPN allows you to bypass all internet restrictions in any location in the world. You can bypass all restrictions imposed by your country or access any websites blocked on your organisational network. It unblocks Facebook in China, Skype in the Middle East and unblocks almost all sorts of restricted content.

For your security SunVPN encrypts all your data using 256-bit AES encryption which is the safest Open VPN encryption. This helps in preventing sniffing of your data on shared networks or Wi-Fi hotspots. This also makes sure that all the websites you visit do not get to know your IP address or any other of your information and also keeps your data safe from your ISP.

SunVPN comes with a custom OpenVPN GUI installer which saves you from the hassles of manually installing and configuring OpenVPN and entering your password every time you connect. A similar installer for the PPTP protocol is also available for Windows.

Apart from these unblocking and security features, SunVPN also provides many other services. You can watch the best of the US TV from abroad. This service includes ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, BBC and also gives you access to HULU which provides a lot of other TV content. Moreover SunVPN also has a  mobile version for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and the iPad. This mobile service provides all the features of the services of the desktop version.

SunVPN is available without any contracts with a pay-as-you-go option. Billing can be done monthly, quarterly or annually with an option to cancel your subscription anytime you want. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee in case you as not satisfied with the services. With Money-back guarantee, you can buy VPN service without risking your money!

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