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Strictest Privacy Bill Ever? – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Strictest Privacy Bill Ever?

 The state of New York is pushing for the nations strictest privacy bill ever. Will it change the dynamics of the industry? The European Union has GDPR and the state of California has CCPA for the data privacy protection. But New York’s legislators are going a step further with data privacy laws. According to reports, once the bill is passed, it will become one of the most robust privacy laws in the United States and might set precedent for the future of privacy laws. Link.



Would You Like More Ads? Your Instagram Feed Is Going to Do the Same

Your Instagram feed is going to show more ads in your feed from the influencers. If you have an account with a large following you might benefit from it. But if you don’t have such a following, you might not like it. So, with the latest Instagram update, brands can promote posts of influencers as ads. That means, even if you don’t follow a particular influencer, you’ll still end up seeing those ads anyway. Link.



Did You Know About Chrome’s Secret Reader Mode?

Chrome 75 has been released but there are not many changes to it, except for some bug fixes. But there’s one change that has been kind of hidden in the details. It’s the secret reader mode that not many have talked about. Follow the link to access the steps for enabling reader mode in Chrome.



Boston Dynamics Robots Are Now Armed With Weapons!

So, do you remember all the awe-inspiring robots from Boston Dynamics? Well, guess what these robots will do first. Boston Dynamics will produce its first consumer robots not for the public but for the battle. Link.



Tim Cook Isn’t Worried about China’s Tariffs on iPhones

Image Credits: Flickr Abdulkarim Sarmini

Tim Cook has said that they have been able to survive in the fierce trade war between Trump and China and will continue to do so in future. In a recent interview, Tim Cook said that analysts had predicted that the price of iPhones will increase by 14% in China after the tariff hike, but that didn’t happen. According to him, China hasn’t targeted Apple so far. Link.


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