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Startup: Smartlook

Disclaimer: The following data listing has been provided by the startup itself and TechPluto do not endorse anything mentioned in this startup listing. This listing is for informational purpose only. For checking out detailed startup reviews, please visit our “Featured Startups” section.

Smartlook was founded by Petr Janosik on Feb 2016.

About Smartlook
Smartlook is a simple tool which records the screens of real users on your website. You can see what visitors clicked with their mouse, what they filled into a form field, where they spend most of their time, and how they browse through each page. – Heatmaps – Website visitor recordings – Customer journey – Clickmaps

How is Smartlook unique
Biggest free package on the market. We are fully localised in 13 languages. Unlimited free Heatmaps in all packages

Smartlook might be useful for
UX, Marketers, Analytics specialists, website owners

Business Model
SAAS with paid packages


Marketing Strategies

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Search/social
  • Advertising
  • Word of mouth
  • Email Marketing

Hotjar, Mixpanel, Clicktale, Fullstorey

Good Stuff

Scope of improvement
Content marketing

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Best Choice for Creatives
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