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Startup: Orangear

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Orangear was founded by Maxim on Jan 2017.

About Orangear
Orangear is a sophisticated SaaS solution designed to enrich and simplify online advertising business. The fully customizable platform enable startups and gurus of online advertising to build a complex ecosystem for advertisers, publishers and even arbitrage experts. It allows your partners buying and selling traffic using any kind of business model. Based on sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Orangear helps to automate routine processes and provides deep insights of the ordinary things.

How is Orangear unique
Orangear is based on self-educated artificial intelligence and top-notch machine learning algorithms for smart campaign management and traffic monetization.

Orangear might be useful for
Anyone who is looking to expand their business by building an affiliate program may be considered as our potential user, as well as those who already run a performance marketing network and want to manage it more efficiently.

Business Model

Marketing Strategies

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Advertising

HasOffers, getcake

Good Stuff

  • AI
  • Big data

Scope of improvement
Learning curve

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