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Startup: Kuenda Digital

Disclaimer: The following data listing has been provided by the startup itself and TechPluto do not endorse anything mentioned in this startup listing. This listing is for informational purpose only. For checking out detailed startup reviews, please visit our “Featured Startups” section.

Kuenda Digital was founded on Feb 2017.

About Kuenda Digital
The foundation of Kuenda Digital was inspired by the global revolution which the marketing industry has been facing. Today, consumers buy products or services, for two main reasons: trust and reciprocity, and the online channels we have today quickly became the main point of contact between consumers and companies. It is exactly in this arena that we come into play. Kuenda Digital offers a great variety of integrated digital marketing solutions, helping our clients to attract, deliver and build strong relationships with new customers. Kuenda Digital works with the leading local start-ups and is responsible for the management of the online presence of some of the most prominent media outlets in the country.

Kuenda Digital

Kuenda Digital might be useful for

Business Model
Monthly Subscriptions

Marketing Strategies

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Search/social
  • Advertising
  • Word of mouth
  • Email Marketing
  • Offline Marketing

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Digital Marketing

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