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Startup: Clockify

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Clockify was founded by Nenad Milanovic on Mar 2017.

About Clockify
Clockify came into existence as a result of frustration when Toggl jacked up their price. It’s a pretty much copy of Toggl but completely free even for big teams. Track time, pull out reports or even allow your clients to access your logs. You can track multiple teams across many projects and workspaces (different companies). Very useful for any business and especially for consulting agencies with multiple employees that bill their time.


How is Clockify unique
The fact that Clockify is not ripping you off once you pass team size of 3 members is a pretty unique feature. Clockify is 100% free for any company size.

Clockify might be useful for
Any business or individual that tracks and bills time

Business Model
it will remain free for all as a gift to the world

Marketing Strategies

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Search/social
  • Word of mouth


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