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Startup: Chubby Buddy Mobile App

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Chubby Buddy Mobile App was founded by Thomas Oh on Apr 2017.

About Chubby Buddy Mobile App
The Chubby Buddy Mobile App is a gamified fitness tracking app aimed at making fitness more fun – the difficulty most people face in this day and age is motivating themselves to exercise. On the other hand, we have no problem getting addicted to video games or tv shows. Hence, the idea is to combine the two elements, such that some of the addictiveness of video games rubs off on exercising! Our mobile app aims to do just that, with a customizable avatar that you can go on fitness-based quests with.

How is Chubby Buddy Mobile App unique
Apps that try to gamify fitness tend to focus on when the person is exercising – e.g. during the run itself. Our app focuses on the ‘before’ and ‘after’ aspects, which we believe is the key.

Chubby Buddy Mobile App might be useful for
Young men and women struggling to stay/get fit

Business Model
In-app purchases and advertising

Chubby Buddy Mobile App

Marketing Strategies

  • Social Media
  • Advertising

Tep, ZombiesRun!, Burn Your Fat with Me, Superhero Workout, Nexercise, BattleSuit Runner Fitness

Good Stuff

  • The cute and fun avatar
  • the fun quests

Scope of improvement

  • We have not launched yet. Also
  • we will only have minimal fitness tracking features and social elements for now
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