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Startup : Agora

Disclaimer: The following data listing has been provided by the startup itself and TechPluto do not endorse anything mentioned in this startup listing. This listing is for informational purpose only. For checking out detailed startup reviews, please visit our “Featured Startups” section.

Agora was founded by Elsa Sze on Jun 2014.

About Agora
Do you think Slack is too noisy? Want the TL;DR? Discover the most important ideas and insights on Slack seamlessly. Simply add Agora to Slack here: [] and type in /agora-discover.

How is Agora unique
Agora is intelligent and learns from you. You can ask for a digest on-demand or schedule for daily or weekly digests. Never miss an important conversation again, and avoid information overload. The a

Agora might be useful for
Mid-size to large companies that use Slack

Business Model
Through contracting with teams for a monthly subscription


Marketing Strategies
Email Marketing


Good Stuff

  • Communication
  • collaboration
  • customization
  • a civic heart
  • and a passionate team
  • Collaboration

Scope of improvement
Still beta-testing our app and in need of feedback!

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