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Stanford University and Other Elite US Schools Hit With Biggest Admission Scam Ever – Top Trending Stories

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Stanford University and Other Elite US Schools Hit With Biggest Admission Scam Ever

Image Credits: Flickr mabucka

The desire for getting into one of the leading schools in the US is driving people to commit fraud. Admission scam at a scale which is unprecedented. Names of celebrities and business moguls are out in the open who bribed school authorities to get in their children in some of the leading schools in the US. The sum paid to school admission council ranges anywhere from $2,00,000 to up to a whopping $6.5 million. The investigation will soon start against those involved. The colleges involved in the scam are Stanford Unversity, Wake Forest University, the University of California at Los Angeles, Georgetown and the University of Southern California. More names might add to the list as the investigation continues. Leading actresses Lori Loughlin from famous sit-com Full House and Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives are among those charged.



Google’s ‘Future of Gaming’, What’s It Going to Be?

Image Credits: Flickr Toe

Google in a tweet has revealed that it’s going to show the world of gamers the ‘future of gaming.’ Since then gamers and analysts are contemplating several things that Google might launch at GDC 2019.  Rumours say that the company might announce its streaming service for the gamers. But the analysts are saying that it might introduce dedicated gaming hardware, resembling a dongle that lets gamers stream games. In fact, some believe that Google might launch a gaming console that will surpass the current offering. But until the official announcement, these are just rumours.



Microsoft’s AI App for the Visually Impaired, Will It Change Their Lives?

Image Credits: Flickr Lighthouse International

Microsoft has launched touch to see AI app with improvements. The app was launched a couple of years ago wherein with the help of the phone’s camera a blind person could get the description out of the photographed objects. With the latest update to the app, a blind person can touch on the phone’s screen and get the exact description of the object. Microsoft spokesperson has said that the company is working towards making more updates to the app. There’s one more promising tech by an Indian that involves similar technology that helps a visually challenged person.



Mozilla Firefox Launches Free File Sharing Service, Will It Beat Google Drive and Dropbox?

Image Credits: Flickr Techcrunch

Mozilla was beta testing its free file sharing service since August 2017 and finally, the web browser company has launched the service for the public. Now you can share your files up to 1 GB and if you signup on Firefox you can send files up to 2.5 GB. Also, the files are encrypted and they delete automatically to increase safety and privacy of your online content. The latest file sharing service is a step ahead and in the right direction as other services like Google Drive and Dropbox take a lot of time to upload a single file for sharing. And when all you need is to share a file, Firefox’s new service makes more sense.



Man Behind Internet Says Its in the State of Disarray and ‘Perverse,’ Gives Three Recommendations

Image Credits: Flickr Saptarshi Biswas

Tim Berners Lee was the man who first envisioned the world wide web. According to him, the internet is in disarray, it needs fixing and has provided three suggestions. These are, one, the government should introduce new laws that are in line with the new reality of the digital world. Two, tech giants should take more responsibility. And third that the citizens need to be more vigilant and not fall for the polarising content.


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