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Spy on Competitors From Space, ‘Cube Satellites’ New Rage – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Spy on Competitors From Space, Will It Change Future Strategy?

Gone are the days when only the superpower nations used surveillance planes and satellites from space to spy on enemy territory. Now a new breed of startups is offering the same services to its clients who want to spy on competitors from space. According to space market research firms Euroconsult, 730 earth observation satellites were launched last decade. Also, the recent artificial meteor shower in Japan is an indication that space is becoming an interesting place for future endeavors, which is accessible to anyone with the needs and means to do so. Will it change future strategy? We will have to wait and see.



Google Trolls iPhone Users With Pixel 3’s Camera, Is It That Good?

Image Credits: Twitter marvin chow

iPhones are known for its superb camera quality and night shots. Of late other companies have caught up with iPhone camera quality. Google phones have made a major stride in this regard. The latest Pixel 3 and the ad campaign that trolls the iPhone users is a testimony to Google’s effort to improve its phone’s camera.



Digital Cameras in Danger, What It Needs to Survive?

Image Credits: Samsung Facebook

According to Canon president, the digital cameras are moving towards a difficult future where it could see a drastic drop in its market share. The camera quality getting better in our smartphones is triggering this change. In less than two years, the market for digital cameras could dip by 50%. Canon is developing a 100MP camera but its best hopes seem to focus on the high end of the market and target professionals to survive.



Two Interesting Updates Coming to Android Q

The Android Q will allow its users to backdate their apps on their phones. This means you can remove any latest updates on your apps if you feel so. Also, the latest update will feature a similar FaceTime like ID that is available to iPhone users. This will help save cost for the Android phone manufacturers as they no longer would need to develop one of their own.



Facebook Ad Blockers Limits Transparency Campaigns, Is It Deliberate?

Facebook CEO picture
Image Credits: Flickr Alessio Jacona

The latest updates from Facebook on ad blockers have limited the reach of political ad campaigns to check for transparency. The social groups have said that Facebook is doing this on purpose. Facebook, meanwhile, has denied these claims. It stated that improving its ad blocker is routine work and ensures that no data is stolen from the users.


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