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Sony Smartphone Might Halve Its Workforce By 2020 – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Sony Smartphone Might Halve Its Workforce by 2020

Image Credits: Sony

Sony is looking to cut cost due to very low sales of its smartphone in the market. The company is reportedly planning to cut the workforce by up to 50%. Sony was able to sell 13.5 million handsets back in 2017. In 2018 it could manage to sell about 6.5 million units only. According to Nikkei, the actual number of employees losing their jobs might come around 2000. Some analysts also believe that Sony might not even live that long, it might start to cut the workforce way ahead of the scheduled timeline. Link.



Apple Is Taking Down Apps that Help Users Overcome iPhone Addiction

Over 10 out of 17 iOS apps that helped iPhone users to control their addiction to the phone are now facing the heat from Apple. First Apple made its own screen time recording app and then slowly started to take down apps that helped the users overcome phone usage addiction. Link.



SpaceX Gets FCC Approval For Its Internet Satellite, Is It a Gamechanger?

            Image Credits: SpaceX

SpaceX has got the approval from The Federal Communications Commission to fly a large number of internet-beaming satellites. The group of satellites will orbit in the lower earth atmosphere and will provide internet to the masses. This approval was the biggest hurdle in the path of this project. SpaceX will start launching the satellites from Florida in a couple of weeks. Link.



A Booming New Business – Taking Down Drones!

Drones can be helpful and at times can cause severe trouble as well. For example, drones have repeatedly entered the airspace of airports halting the operations and causing millions of dollars in losses. To prevent it, a new breed of drone killers are arriving into the scene. Shooting down a drone in mid-air is dangerous, so these upcoming firms are innovative with their approach. From scooping smaller drones with the help of a bigger one to jamming the unruly drones, this new business has a lot of potential going forward. You can read the full story here.



Will You Share Your Driving Data to Get Cryptocurrencies? Jaguar is Hopeful

According to the latest report, Jaguar is reportedly planning to offer cryptocurrencies to its drives if they share their driving data with the luxury car maker. The plan is to install an IoT device called ‘smart wallet’ inside the car that will reward its drivers if they choose to share data such as potholes, driving congestion and other traffic related data. These data points will be used by local authorities too and other drivers of Jaguar will also benefit. It seems that the carmaker is eager to develop it as an ecosystem of info sharing. If successful, this might become ubiquitous in the near future.


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