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Some ‘Good’ solutions for cluttered Craigslist…

CraigsToolbox that lets you browse your very own craigslist with images. Here are some good solutions for cluttered Craigslist.

Seven days back,there was a post written right here  on TechPluto titled “Five popular websites that desperately need a re-design“.And the number one spot was graced by none other than Craigslist.

We aren’t saying that they are come up with a re-designed CL version but somebody else(CLHack) has done something good for CL visitors in this regard.

CLHack pulls in craigslist listings and displays them all in the form of images.This lets users browse the listings in a comfortable manner.

But,this service may not stay up and running for long as the name of the website says it all(CLHack-CraigsList Hack)..It has high tendency of getting banned by Craigslist.

But in any case,service is good(CL should better buy out this service for public’s sake)..One thing is missing..The data available on CLHack belongs to U.S. and Canada only(they may fetch other countries data soon).

There’s another development but that isn’t a website but just a plugin for Firefox and IE(BTW Chrome shouldn’t be ignored anymore) called CraigsToolbox that lets you browse your very own craigslist with images.All the result listings come up with respective images and you don’t need to move to some other site for this(as this is just a plugin so basically changes browser’s behaviour).It also makes your craigslist search much faster.But you will have to pay $9.99 after a free 14 day trial to continue with the service.

We would prefer having this plugin(specially for those who use craigslist ardently) as this won’t be facing any ban in the future because it’s not offensive in anyway to craigslist.

For those who are damn addicted to Chrome or Safari and don’t want to shell out money anytime for a CL plugin,can go for CLHack as a temporary option…

These things won’t make up for the cluttered CL in every possible sense but will help improve the current experience for the CL visitors.Thanx Mike

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