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Solna – Online Invoicing Software For Freelancers & SMB’s

Solna is a start-up which offers user-friendly online invoicing software for freelancers and small businesses.  This London based company was founded by Makera Kigaraba & Inna Kausan in Jan 2017. Inna is an experienced professional who has worked in big financial firms like Erste Bank and KPMG. Makera is a technical expert who was working as a product manager in tech firms like Thomson Reuters, QuickBooks and Betfair. Inna acts as the CEO of Solna and Mak is the Head of Product Development.


Solna is innovative and first of its kind invoicing platform which is powered by credit score data and offers faster payment processing for small businesses. You can create customized invoices along with your brand logo and required fields using Solna and it is very fast and efficient. You can set automated reminders for invoices which can save you a lot of time and effort. Solna also helps to manage your cash flow effectively and helps you find out the ability of your customers to pay for your products based on their credit scores.

Why is Solna Unique?

What makes Solna unique is that it is the first invoicing software which combines the features of invoicing along with credit score data. This is very useful for small and medium businesses to figure out the repaying ability of their customers before offering any products on credit basis. This helps to mitigate risk and allows small businesses to plan ahead and find out new business opportunities. It has a friendly and intuitive user-interface and is easy to use for beginners without any technical knowledge.

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Solna’s mission is to empower modern entrepreneurs and help them to turn their business dreams into reality. By the use of credit data which is integrated with the reporting and invoicing functionality, businesses can obtain a clear idea of the financial health of their customers and understand the risk exposure.  Solna has automated credit control feature which will notify you of overdue invoices and enables to get your payments on time.

Why is it free?

The most important advantage of Solna is that it’s absolutely free software which is helping to solve the issues faced by small businesses such as unpaid invoices and chasing payments. Since SMEs are considered the backbone of the economy and 99% of businesses in the UK are small businesses, they have come up with this innovative product to help SMEs make their invoicing process faster and smoother. Though the product is currently free, Solna plans to introduce some pricing plans for premium features and for high volume usage.


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