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SoftBank looking for multi-billion dollar stake in Uber 

SoftBank’s interest in Uber has grown as it is reported that it is looking to purchase multi-billion dollar stake in Uber. After its investment spree in Uber’s rival, Grab in Southeast Asia. The hunger for more investments in ride hailing services has only seen a rise from SoftBank. It is cleverly positioning itself into a better place by investing in rival firms as well. This would hedge its risk and bring profits either ways. A great way to spend when you have plenty.

Wall Street Journal has revealed that SoftBank is in talks with the Uber to buy “multi-billion dollar stake”. Moreover, Uber has been able to raise up to $12 billion from various investors. Uber at present has a valuation of $60 billion. For SoftBank, to purchase, a stake in Uber would mean lashing out several billion dollars. It will then have a small share in the company. SoftBank’s interest in Uber is because of the rising market for ride hailing services across the globe, despite the turmoil created by traditional taxi associations.

SoftBank's interest in Uber


Uber has not responded on this issue yet. Moreover, SoftBank is also evasive on this stake purchase.

SoftBank has invested in almost all the rivals of Uber. In India, SoftBank has invested in Ola, which is Uber’s arch rival. Since Uber is going through a tough stage in its history of existence and a never ending blows of lawsuits. There is a chance that some investors are looking for a profitable exit. Further, given the SoftBank’s current strategy to invest in ride hailing services across the globe. It is clear that SoftBank’s interest in Uber might actually materialise pretty soon.

The interest from SoftBank is a natural result of the struggle of Uber to keep itself afloat. Most of all, since Travis Kalanicks resigned. The company is yet to appoint a face for the firm. Moreover, in the age of the internet, the companies operate with an ethical face. Something which Uber has lost in the way. Therefore giving a chance to rival investors to invest and take control.

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