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What If You Bag That “$60K Really Goode Job” ?

In this article we will tell you about social media dream job.Folks at Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma County are offering a lifetime opportunity.

If you haven’t heard about that “Really Goode Job” buzzing all over the web yet then you might miss out of a lifetime opportunity you could only dream of, specially if you’re a web geek, who spends a considerable time online, tweeting, blogging and doing Social Networking on multiple sites.

Folks at Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma County are offering a lifetime opportunity…A 6 month long job that will pay you $10,000 per month($60k in total) apart from a rent-free luxury stay with endless wine to drink….Work ? Who says they want WORK !


They want you to use all the possible Web 2.0 tools (Blog, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Facebook….) and minute-by-minute broadcast every bit of your six month experience out there in their premises and workplace.

Their actual motive is to employ somebody who knows how to utilize new generation web tools in broadcasting just about everything, that’s related to Murphy-Goode’s Wine making and its complete production process.

It’s obvious that if you’ve already grown up your networks on popular social media tools then you have an edge over others.

We’ve no idea whose going to take the cake away in this quest for the ‘Real Goode Job’ but we certainly know what all that lucky guy can do after those ‘6 Super months’. He may comfortably drive away with an Audi or a Ultra luxury World Tour or a even well furnished home designed by some London Interior Design company such as TrojanOne (it’s certainly admirable what TrojanOne has been delivering to its clients).

Anyways, its nice to hear that ‘Social media junkies’ are in such a cosy demand, even in the days of recession.

General Website Information – TrojanOne

TrojanOne specialises in the design, fit out and refurbishment of interior projects in the UK and overseas. We proficiently manage all aspects of our projects and have a diverse list of clientele including commercial, retail, leisure and residential projects

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