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SnappyFingers Review

Snappyfingers is a Question and Answer Search engine which crawls and indexes FAQs all across the Internet & provides search results in a Question-Answer format

If we want to search anything on the web today,there are enough destinations(search engines) to look out for but fetching relevant and authentic results within milliseconds is yet to be mastered by Google,Yahoo!,Live,Ask,Cuil etc specially when the consumer is looking out for a solution to a particular ‘query’.

An indian startup has found its way in serving as a solution to this problem and the name is SnappyFingers

SnappyFingers is a Bangalore based vertical search startup.It is basically a Question and Answer Search engine which crawls and indexes FAQs spread across the Internet and provides search results in an easy to view Question-Answer format.

In their own words

We are building the most comprehensive database of Questions and Answers on the web. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find answers.We also provide a huge database of FAQ’s on multitude of topics to aid in research. These FAQs have been created intelligently by mining our Question & Answer database.

The site is in beta right now and claims to have indexed more than 3 million questions so far.Chirayu Patel,founder of Snappyfingers has aggressive plans for extensive indexing of questions in the near future for better search results on Snappyfingers.

We experimented with this “Search engine of FAQs” and have a sort of mixed response regarding the results…

Snappyfingers resulted with relevant results when keywords like ‘stock market‘ or ‘patent infrigement‘ were punched in but keywords like ‘bill gates‘ and ‘water sports‘ resulted with deviated results.This proves that the results are relatively focussed and more relevant when financial and legal terms are searched(expected in case of FAQs).

When ‘Android‘ is searched,the results aren’t encouraging but “What is android” reflects back relevant results.Similar case happens with ‘dot com bubble‘ & ‘What is a dot com bubble‘ and ‘Astronaut‘ & ‘How to become an astronaut‘.This is also expected as most of the FAQs are in Question-Answer format and hence “What…..Where….How…” hold more relevance in indexing FAQs.

Snappyfingers’s results are relatively genuine and authentic compared to usual search engine’s results(as it basically acts like a content filter,filtering out the FAQs out of the rest)

Recent events,products,services are hard to find at Snappyfingers(Try T-mobile G1 or Techcrunch50)

One doesn’t need to open any result for reading the content.All the answers are listed on the result page itself.This saves time

Hence,Snappyfingers shall prove useful for finding quick info about something,not very recent but the results may still vary from poor to good depending on the user’s input(in query format)


Suggestion : Opt for a short and suitable domain such as ‘‘(this is available)

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