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Snapchat’s Face-off With Facebook – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Snapchat’s Face-off With Facebook, A Bit Late?

Facebook is known to copy Snapchat features. Not just Facebook but Wechat too was copying  Sanpcaht’s ‘stories’ feature for its own platform. There was a band of copycats that were interested in milking the hard work and originality of Snapchat. For long this was the case, but not anymore. If the latest plans of Snapchat works, it will be the end of copying features from it. In the latest report from Techcrunch, Snapchat officials have revealed a new feature to let other platforms embed its stories. Simply, why reinvent the wheel when you already have the option to use the existing platform to engage your users? Tinder, Houseparty and others can now let its users show their Snapchat stories within these apps as well. According to Snapchat officials, if it gets traction you have a good competition between Snapcaht and Facebook.



Can You Trust Smartphone Fingerprint Scanner? Well, Samsung S10 Fails

Recently, there has been a spurt in smartphone screen lock technology. From fingerprint to face scan to unlock devices has caught our imagination to a point where passwords seem obsolete. But are these devices good enough? Well, a test shows it’s not. A latest Samsung smartphone Galaxy S10 failed the test with a fake 3D printed fingerprint. In just 13 seconds the hacker was able to produce the fingerprint and swiftly unlocked the phone. It seems passwords aren’t going anywhere soon. Link.



Resort Owner Calls Instagram Influencers as FreeLoaders, Do You Agree?

Instagram is one of the leading platforms for visual marketing campaigns. The individual influencers seem to have all the fun for posting just a review and beautiful images to make the venue appealing. But now, a recent post from a Philipino club owner has questioned the very business model of Instagram influencers. According to him, the free stay and drinks for a post on Instagram isn’t a value proposition and that the influencers should start doing a real job. Link.


Real-Time GPS Locator Deployed in China to Track Workers, Good Bye Freedom!

Image Credits: Flickr Gary Todd

China is known for its repressive regime and stringent rules. From strict administration to severe punishment, China is no joke when it comes to the rule of law at any cost. Now in the latest deplorable example from the country, the sanitation workers will wear GPS locators at all times. Remember any dystopian movie? Well, its actually taking place in China right now. The workers are forced to wear these GPS devices in the name of safety and efficiency. Meanwhile, companies in the ‘free’ western world are interested in micro-chipping its employees.  Link.



Electric Car on the World’s Longest Trip, Finishes Journey in Australia

Image Credits: Getty Images James D. Morgan

A journey that started to promote electric car acceptance has finally paid off. The Netherlands’ Wiebe Wakker has completed the 59,000-mile journey in his electric car, starting from Amsterdam and finishing off in Australia. The tech sponsors behind this event include Adobe and Canon. It seems that electric cars really didn’t pick up as expected, but one company, in particular, Tesla is making the killing. For example in Norway, Tesla is the most selling car, year-on-year. Link.


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