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SlideShare vs Myplick = Smart PR vs Sharp Service

There are a number of Slideshare competitors eg  Myplick, Sliderocket etc, offering better quality and features than Slideshare but aren’t able to gain massive traction.

When it comes to sharing your slideshows with your friends, one site that definitely comes in your mind is Slideshare and that’s why it’s growing at such a fast pace.slideshare and mypick

But, the reason, why it is gaining such a momentum is not only its service but also its PR activities. Slideshare had a tough competition earlier in Slide but then it created its own space and smartly projected itself as “YouTube of Slideshows“.

There has been a number of web services eg. Myplick, Sliderocket etc, offering better quality with an extra cluster of features than Slideshare but aren’t able to gain massive traction because of exhaustive PR activities done by Slideshare, which overshadows its competition.


With advisors/investors (rather PR backbone) such as Guy Kawasaki, Dave McClure and few others, they have a definite edge over their competition.

But still, when it comes to features and better service, Slideshare takes a backseat in front of its tiny unhyped competitor, Myplick.



Areas where Myplick outperforms Slideshare

  • No login Strategy – I have rarely seen a service being able to implement “No login required” technique in such a fine way.You genuinely don’t require a registration before file upload but still you will have a tendency to get your registered afterwards. Try it yourself…
  • Audio Facility – Adding audio to a ppt can make a lot of difference in preserving user interest in the slideshow,which is facilitated by Myplick but Slideshare isn’t able to portrait this feature of their service as effectively as Myplick(elucidated)
  • Statistics – Myplick lets the users have slideshow’s statistics like viewer’s location, avg. time spent etc., which helps others judge it better before shelling a minute for the slideshow. Slideshow gives it miss as well.
  • Efficient – We uploaded a similar file to both the slideshow sharing platforms to see how it works out. After getting through both the platforms,it was Myplick which proved “relatively” fast, easy to use and smoother in transition.

Final verdictA great movie with poor marketing is a sureshot Flop but an avg flick with superb promotion makes it a blockbuster. Same rule applies here. And that’s why marketing a product is as crucial as serving a great technology.

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