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Sifta: An Extension That Makes Collaboration And Bug Tracking So Much Simpler

Company: Sifta

Funding: Bootstrapped

Founder: Ben Munk

Location: Australia

Target customer: Project managers, designers, business analysts and developers

Revenue model: SaaS-based subscription fee – freemium model

Competitors: Toybox,, BugHerd

Sifta is a simple extension for popular work collaboration platforms like Trello and Jira. However, here the usage of the word ‘simple’ doesn’t really have a literal connotation. The word has been used intentionally to convey Sifta’s superlative ability to greatly simplify your professional projects.

This lightweight extension that virtually works on every web browsing platform brings Trello and Jira tasks right on your website. It efficiently uses digital post-it notes to bring Trello and Jira’s tasks right inside your webpage.

These digital post-it notes eventually spare you and your team from so much inconvenience and trouble.

Below we’ve shed a great deal of light on some of Sifta’s intuitive features. The brief yet detailed description will hopefully make things clear about Sifta’s impressive capabilities in simplifying your professional life.

Get instant feedback:

Get collective feedback from your team as well as clients without having to leave your webpage. This means that you don’t have to go back and forth to your Trello account to know about your feedback.

Above all, you can easily forget about those lengthy e-mail chains and endless chat threads all for the sake of receiving feedback.

Sifta makes getting and sharing feedback really easy, probably it wasn’t this easy ever before.

Collaborate with anyone and everyone:

Let alone feedback, Sifta lets you collaborate with anyone and everyone on any damn professional project. And again we can’t say it enough that you don’t have to leave your website for seeking collaboration. This seamless collaboration of different creative and prolific minds in one place makes inspection and managing ideas so much simpler.

Makes bug reporting so much simpler:

Sifta is indeed a great tool for software & website testing as it makes bug reporting unbelievably simple. This extension boosts quite a few handy features that help designers and developers to easily track and fix the bugs. In many ways, this probably maybe the best bug tracking tools currently available in the market.

Easily Integrates with your favorite tool:

No matter which tool you are using, Trello, Jira or Asana – Sifta can easily integrate with your preferred tool. This means no one has to learn a new tool or product for the sake of using Sifta. Additionally, this extension also works quite well with projects that are already underway.

Get critical data superfast to swiftly fix the critical issues:

With feedback and collaboration seamlessly taking at one place, you no longer have to depend on vague e-mails and chat threads to get your hands on critical data. An extension like Sifta makes critical data available in a fraction of a second and thereby constantly pushing your work productivity towards an upward trajectory.


The only possible big drawback that this great extension has that it can’t work without a project management app. If we were to overlook this drawback then this extension comes across almost perfect.


When your entire team collaborates in one place, it has a positive impact on your team’s productivity. This is an open secret and Sifta puts this open secret into application quite effortlessly. It removes possibly all the communication clutter that till date was probably plugging your team’s work productivity. A great application like Sista resonates with a recurrent theme of globalization that has always thrived on collective human collaboration.

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