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Sidestepping Startup Sinkholes: 6 Common Challenges Startups Face

It’s no question that building a company from the ground up will come with its highs and lows as you learn to operate your startup and navigate the corporate world. However, many first-time business owners underestimate the obstacles, leaving them disoriented and in the red far earlier than expected. While it’s impossible to plan for every turn-of-event, startup executives can bypass foreseeable complications by preparing early on and understanding common risks.

If you’re ready to jump into the startup world, read on for six critical developmental challenges to watch out for when beginning your business.

Limited time

When building a startup, time is of the utmost importance as you work to develop a profitable operation and stay ahead of the competition. Without proper time management, fresh-faced businesses risk crashing and burning early due to burnout from overwhelming tasks and the inability to manage resources.

To combat wasted hours, executives should aim to rid their workspace of distractions like extravagant networking events, social media, and over-ambitious ideas. Additionally, you should consider investing in time-saving services to streamline the process and keep waiting periods to a minimum. For example, instead of playing phone tag with a notary on opposite schedules, consider utilizing mobile options like Superior Notary Services and instantly verify signatures on essential documentation. That way, you can shrug off off-site notary visits as an inconvenience of the past.

Intense competition

While some competition in the corporate world is necessary to keep innovation flowing and progressing to new heights, startups face especially fierce opponents during formative years. Though many persevere, some find themselves engulfed in competitive flames, unable to power through oversaturated markets filled with heavily resourced rivals. To survive the corporate warzone, up-and-coming businesses should act aggressively to set a precedent for fellow competitors. 


While it may seem obvious that money will play a critical role in your startup’s success, you’d be surprised how many businesses underestimate the initial cost and end up flaming out due to a lack of cash. When companies experience kinks in their cash flow during the beginning stages, it significantly impacts initial rollouts, staff building, and office fittings, causing potentially irreversible damage.

Setting over-ambitious expectations

A common thread among successful startups is their ability to roll out creative, innovative ideas to remain relevant amongst the competition. However, ambition can be a double-edged sword when used without caution. Setting unrealistic expectations and running with every out-there idea during foundational stages can lead to early burnout and unsustainable practices. To avoid running out of fuel early on, prioritize sustainability and consistency in your business model.

Finding forward-thinking employees

While you need to monitor unrealistic ambition on a broad-scale level, bringing on passionate, forward-thinking, determined staff is necessary when building a startup. That said, finding the perfect fit for each role in your small team can be challenging and costly without the proper hiring strategy in place. To bypass bottlenecks upon startup, make sure you understand essential positions and carefully hire key players before diving into larger projects underprepared.   

Building trust with consumers

Another challenge many startups face is building a community of dedicated consumers. While long-established corporations have a loyal customer base that brings in cash flow consistently, smaller, less-practiced operations often struggle to find their target audience right off the bat. Though it will still take time to win over patron trust, you can prioritize advertising efforts and social media promotions to spark interest and build clientele quickly.

Wrapping up

If you’re hoping to open a startup and build your company from the ground up, you’ll need to take risks into account before you’re in over your head in debt and regret. Remember to plan your budget to a T, manage your time wisely, and hire a dedicated team to sidestep potential roadblocks early on.

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