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Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Outsource in Your Tech Business

When you start your company, you will have to decide what you want to do in-house and what you want to outsource. When you’re running a tech company, it often feels like you should make everything from scratch. This can save you a lot of money and give you complete power over every step of the journey.

However, this can also be a big waste of time. Technology has advanced to the point where it is safer and cheaper for you to simply outsource different parts of your operations. It can also save you valuable time, which you simply can’t put a price on. So what aspects of your operations can and should you outsource? Let’s take a look.

Internet Presence

One of the most significant parts of running a company, especially a tech company, is your presence online. You need to at least have a website and verified social media handles on different platforms. To appear trustworthy, you also need to regularly interact with your potential customers and other stakeholders in the industry on public forums. This ties up a lot of your resources like your employees, their time, and their productivity.

This can turn into a disaster if you don’t have the right people and the right approach. Instead of spending your resources on figuring out how to do this, outsource this job to experts. This way, you’ll get maximum utility of your expenditure. When you are more established and have the bandwidth to take up this project, you can expand your business to include in-house experts instead.

Application Security

Application security is essential to your business. As a tech company, your product is the star of the show. However, testing for bugs and fixing them takes up a lot of time and ties up a lot of resources. If you don’t do this fast enough, your rollout times are affected, and you might face delays in delivering services to your customers. Having a fiasco like that could make you lose customers and earn an unreliable reputation.

To fast-track this process reliably, you could outsource application security to professionals and experts in the field. Instead of spending your money on fixing bugs, you can focus on producing more multifunctional services and tools for your customers instead. By outsourcing to professionals, you are ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your client’s data too.


While there is still no substitute for actual accountants, there is some automated accounting software you can use that comes close. Instead of doing everything manually and employing a large accounting department, you could choose to save money instead. Accounting software automates several aspects of the accounting process.

Thus, you can choose to hire much fewer people than before, saving money. This sort of software is by no means cheap. However, it is definitely cheaper per month than the salary for just one person. This is an excellent option if you’re just starting out with your company or if you have a small-sized company. Larger companies should hire experts that can cater to their increased accounting needs.

Point of Sale Software

As a tech company, you are selling a service to others. This sale needs to be processed on a client-by-client basis. Unless you want to assign someone to draw up these invoices and bills manually, you need a point of sale software. While you can build your own billing software, it can take time to implement card transactions and the more technical aspects flawlessly.

Instead, opt for reasonably priced, easy-to-use billing software that’s widely available. You can get access to easy billing, flawless security protocols, inventory management, account management, and a host of other perks for a reasonable price. This can significantly assist your employees when interacting with your clients as they would have the relevant information for each client in an easy-to-read format.

Cloud Hosting

As a tech business, your entire reputation depends on being available online. If you cannot do this, your reputation will take a big hit. Your clients will lose faith in your ability to cater to their needs, and your business will be in trouble. While you can assign the responsibility to maintain cloud hosting services to someone on your team, you may have better things for them to do.

Instead, outsource your cloud hosting needs to a dedicated team that handles the only cloud hosting for different companies. While you develop and establish your services, use this supportive infrastructure to stay online without worry seamlessly. This way, you won’t experience any downtime, won’t lose any credibility, and can work worry-free for the near future.

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