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ShopToList : User-Friendly and Cool Software Utility for Online Shoppers

ShopToList is web-based start-up which was founded by Kevin de Sahin and Pierre de Wulf on Feb 2018. It is basically a small web extension which allows you to keep track of the products you wish to purchase online and will automatically notify you when the price drops.

Are you tired of having dozens of bookmarks to track online products which you are interested in buying but feel the price is high at the moment and expect it to drop soon? ShopToList can be a good assistant for you which can keep track of all the products you wish to buy online and help you by informing whenever there is a price drop on these products.


Absolutely Free

All you have to do is just Click on the ShopToList button in your web browser after visiting the product web page. You can create a Universal Wish List and customize the products into different categories based on your need. ShopToList will send you an instant email notification when there is a price drop for any product in your Wish List. It is very simple, reliable and easy to use tool which you can try yourself for free.

Works on All Browsers and All Products

You can manage the list of products in your ShopToList account page and group them into custom lists as you wish. The ShopToList web extension is compatible with all popular browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox. Also, it is the only product which is completely free and works without any annoying ads. Also, the ShopToList web extension works for every product and every website whether it’s Amazon, eBay or any online shopping website.

How to Use?

First, you should create an account at and install their Web extension on your website. After that, you can go to any online store or e-commerce website and click on the ShopToList button after viewing the product web page. The product will get automatically added to your ShopToList account which you can view by visiting your profile in Then you will get notified automatically through email whenever there is a price drop on any of the products in your Wish List.

ShopToList can be used only with Desktop browsers and there is no Mobile App available as of now. But they are also planning to launch a Mobile App soon and you can register with them so that you will get notified immediately once it’s available. ShopToList is a very user-friendly and cool software utility for online shoppers who frequently purchase items online and are looking for the best deals.

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