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Serverclub: Dedicated hosting at Affordable Pricing

Here is the Detailed review of Serverclub dedicated hosting at affordable pricing.

If you are a web designer or a blogger then you must be very well aware of the advantages of dedicated servers. And if you are a business man and you don’t want your business to suffer due to shared hosting, you should definitely switch to dedicated hosting. In either case you should consider the dedicated hosting plans offered by ServerClub.  But let us first explain what hosting actually is.

Whenever you visit a web site, all the content showed on that website, be it photos, text or any other thing, is downloaded to your computer. But have you ever wondered where this data is stored? This data is stored on servers which are constantly connected to the internet.

These servers allow other people to browse your website on the internet. This storage of this data on servers is called hosting. Most of the small websites and businesses prefer to host their data on shared servers. In this type of hosting, many websites run on the same servers, thus cutting the costs. But in cases of shared hosting the risks of the server being overloaded increases drastically. That is why big businesses prefer dedicated server web hosting. is a website owned by a Florida based company named ServerClub Inc. Like may other websites, this website provides dedicated hosting service. But the best thing about ServerClub is that they provide the best possible service in terms of hardware, software as well as customer support, that too at very reasonable prices. Their dedicated servers host is located at EvoSwitch Datacenter at Amsterdam.

  • Environmentally sustainable technologies and power saving systems at the servers host helps to cut the costs
  • Reliable hardware coupled with amazing bandwidth makes it perfect for hosting
  • Excellent customer support service
  • Backup server available in case of failure/overload
  • Customization of plans and extra requirements are also catered

Tech Specs

ServerClub provides the best quality service by providing unmatched hardware and customer service. They provide instant setup of Dell’s premium servers with Xeon processors and hardware RAID. Based on your requirements they can also mount any other server of your choice. High bandwidth with speeds ranging from 220-400 Gbps is available to access your data at ultra-fast speed. The IP network is designed by Cisco. Moreover, the management of the servers is also performed by Cisco certified employees only.

ServerClub also provides free lifetime customer service. The customer service experts readily help in all sorts of tasks ranging from initial software installation to designing your network and managing workload and traffic control. ServerClub also provides free reboot panels for your servers. This helps you to keep track of your bandwidth usage statistics, support ticketing, etc. You can even monitor the temperature of your servers.


ServerClub provides all the services required to set up dedicated hosting with the best possible features at reasonable rates. So if you are thinking to switch to dedicated hosting, you must check

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