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Sense – An Amazing Sleep tracker from the San Francisco based startup named Hello

Have you ever wondered how well you sleep at night and whether you get adequate rest every day? Also do you know how good is your circadian rhythm that helps your body determine when its time to fall asleep and wake up? If you really wish to track your sleep without having to wear a wristband then, Sense is the perfect sleep tracker for you. This fancy little product is brought to you by a San Francisco based start-up named Hello.

Sense Sleep tracker
Sense Sleep tracker



How Sense Works?

Sense  sleep monitor is inclusive of two parts which includes the main hub that holds the shape of a globe and looks very fancy on the side of your bed. It is charged through an USB power adapter and houses all the important environmental sensors which measures the humidity, sound, light, airborne particles inside the room, proximity, ambient temperature etc.It also glows in mesmerizing colors that changes according the lighting conditions of the room. You can also wave your hand above this ball to make it glow which gives an aesthetic appeal to your room. It also contains a microphone and a speaker which plays soothing white noise music to help you get sleep and can sound alarms to wake you up. You can access all these features through the companion App.

The second unit of the Sense sleep monitor is a coin-sized sensor called the Sleep pill which attaches itself to your pillow cast in order to track your movement inside the bed. The sleep pill contains gyroscope and accelerometers which can detect the movement inside night. It is powered by a coin battery which lasts for an year and is connected to the main hub using Bluetooth.


 The Sense App:

The product comes along with a companion App which is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It will provide detailed statistics about your everyday sleep routing and will also assist you to manage the features of Sense. It has a very user-friendly interface which provides detailed information about your environment including air quality, room temperature, lighting and surrounding noise etc. It will also inform how much you moved around during night and whether you had a proper sleep or not with help of a Sleep Score. The Sleep Summary will give an overview of your sleeping experience for the previous night. Similarly you can view the stats for previous weeks and months and get detailed insights about your sleeping pattern which can help you improve your sleep.


Sense App
Sense App



Your Sleep Score
Your Sleep Score

The Team:

Sense was founded by James Proud who is an entrepreneur hailing from the city of London and is currently settled in Silicon Valley. He is the Chief Executive officer of the company and takes care of product direction and the overall strategy of Hello. Tim Bart is the CTO of the company who handles the technical direction of Hello’s products and services. They also recently hired Angela Chang as the Chief Marketing Office to spearhead the marketing efforts of their products and to make their brand popular among wider audience.


The Sense Sleep monitor along with 1 sleep pill is priced at $129. If you need an extra Sleep pill for your partner, you should pay an additional $50. It is available in two different colors namely Cotton and Charcoal. You can order it directly from Hello’s website and also from amazon as well.

Sense in two different colors
Sense in two different colors officially closed in 2017, reason being, the e-commerce market is nowadays overshadowed by powerful voice assistant that provides other major features of their main product, Sense. Alexa and Google Home along with Casper are the leading voice assistant in today’s market.

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