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First Screen Shots of Office 2013

Here’s the first screenshots of Office 2013. Have a look:

Office 15, aka Microsoft Office 2013 has finally been unveiled for the first time through Official channel. We can’t say if this will exactly be the final version of Office 2013 as Microsoft has not yet released the Beta version of Office 15 but we are quite sure that this is how the next Office version, aka Office 2013 will look like…

Have a look at the screenshots…

From the screenshots, its pretty clear that Microsoft Office 2013 will follow the lines of Windows 8 in having a clutter-free and flatter design theme. The emphasis is more on content and therefore the options in Word, Excel or any application have been left hidden in Office 2013 UI.

This ensures that Office 2013 will bring a drastic change in design and UI from Office 2010, something that will address the complaint of many people who did not buy Office 2010 becuase of lack of design innovations from the older version of Office.

Stay hooked as we will keep on bring you more news and updates about upcoming Office 2013.

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