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Sarin Gas Detected at Facebook HQ – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Sarin Gas Detected at Facebook HQ, Buildings Evacuated and Employees Being Tested

Image Credits: Flickr Eston Bond

The Facebook mailroom has detected a parcel that was containing nerve agent gas, sarin on Monday. It’s used as a chemical weapon and can be fatal to anyone that comes in contact with it. This isn’t the first time that Facebook is facing a threat but an actual presence of a chemical agent entering the building is happening for the first time. Some employees who came in contact with the parcel are being tested. According to reports, four buildings and a warehouse have been evacuated by the authorities so far. Link.



Tim Cook Says Apple Is Going to Blow Your Mind!

Image Credits: Flickr Denis Gryzlov

In the latest interview, the Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the company is working on products that will ‘blow you away.’ All this is coming after the rumours of Jony Ive, the product design head,  of Apple, leaving the firm for a competitor spread like a wildfire. Tim Cook personally rebutted the story on WSJ and called it ‘absurd.’ Jony Ive is considered one of the most influential persons in Apple Inc. Link.



Samsung Chief Executive Takes the Blame for Galaxy Fold Flop

Image Credits: Flickr Antonio E. Da Silva Campos

DJ Koh, the Samsung chief executive has taken the blame for the failure of Galaxy Fold. He said that it was his decision to push the release of Galaxy Fold even before it was ready. He called it an ’embarrassing’ event. The hype around Samsung foldable phone started taking an ugly turn after the reviewers came across several problems. At first, Samsung dismissed them but later accepted the shortcomings of its flagship foldable phone. The Galaxy Fold’s screen was breaking up with minimal use, rendering it completely useless. Link.



Lyft’s $1,50,000 Donation for Immigration Groups in US

Image Credits: Flickr Diane Greene Lent

Lyft will match rider donations of $1,50,000 to Raices that provides legal aid to immigrants. The donations will help the immigrants groups in the entire US for the next six months. The campaign has the tagline ‘America is an idea, not a geography.’ Lyft will also allow, apart from $1,50,000, riders to round up their fare to the nearest dollar and donate it to immigrants rights groups. Link.



Windows 1.0 Tease, No Clue What It Means

Image Credits: Flickr skynetsystems

Microsft released a tweet with a sizzler video showing Windows1.0 coming soon. The video doesn’t give much detail, just this “Introducing the all-new Windows 1.0, with MS-Dos Executive, Clock, and more!!” People on social media are speculating that Windows might make its Windows OS 10 version an open source system, but that’s just rumour. We need to wait until Microsoft releases more information. Link.


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