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Samsung’s India-First Smartphone to Rival Xiaomi – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Samsung’s India-First Smartphone to Rival Xiaomi, Will It Help Samsung?

Image Credits: Samsung Facebook

Samsung has plans to launch a budget smartphone in India before it launches it globally. For the past two-quarters, Xiaomi leads the top spot in smartphone sales in India. Samsung has not been able to generate the same kind of sales or enthusiasm for its user base in India. The South-Korean mobile manufacturer has a tough fight in its hands to counter the reach of Chinese mobile makers in the second largest country for smartphones. With its budget device, Samsung might try to capture the lost grounds. Or it might just be a way to spark interest in the market for smartphones in India. India head of Samsung told Reuters, that this strategy of Samsung’s India-first smartphone will help increase its sales and beat Chinese manufacturers in the industry.



Strictest Drone Regulations in Canada, Will Other Countries Follow?

Image Credits: Pixabay

Canada has laid out some of the strictest drone regulations in the world. After this, the rules in the United States seem lenient. The new regulations will take effect on 1 June 2019. Under the new regulations, the drone pilots cannot be below the age of 14 and for those who want to fly it professionally could not be lesser than 16 years of age. The new rules have serious ramifications for several people and businesses, especially the news agencies. Also, Canada’s drone rules might affect the way other countries will roll out their versions of regulations. Any drone that is 250g to 25 kg comes under the new set of rules. Another consideration is the effect of such conditions on the sale of the latest drones in the market. Will drone makers adapt to new rules and dole out new versions of drones?



GM’s First All-Electric Car will be a Cadillac, Recent Tesla Success a Reason?

Image Credits: Cadillac Facebook

GM had launched, its hybrid-electric Chevy Bolt a while back. But it has not been a great success as the company would have wanted it to be. Now, after the recent Tesla success with its luxury electric model, GM has announced its plans to make its top of the line Cadillac model an all-electric car soon. In an update to its investors, GM revealed its latest plans. Also, the company is targeting the China market, one of the biggest in the world. After Tesla, others in the industry are looking forward to the Chinese market as a good electric car market.



Twitter’s New Beta App, A Struggle for Survival?

Portrait Shot of Twitter CEO
Image Credits: Flickr Matin Guptil

In a bid to remain relevant and valuable to its users, Twitter is testing a beta version of its app. The recent events of bad use of Twitter for personal gains by individuals and political parties have forced Twitter to revamp several features. Within a couple of weeks, Twitter will give access to some of its users to test the latest add-ons on the platform. Twitter is already running an experiment program to reduce the abusive use of its app. This beta testing is also unique in the sense that it’s happening in the early stages of the app development, normally which takes place at the end stage nearing the launch of an app.



iPhone XR and iPhone 8 Prices Slashed 20% in China, Fallout of Huawei CFO Arrest?

Image Credits: Flickr MIT EECS

  Trouble is brewing up for Tim Cook as Apple has reduced some of its iPhone models’ prices. The iPhone XR model, which was launched keeping in mind the Chinese market has failed to connect with the users. The sales have dropped recently and the arrest of Huawei CFO might also have a role to play in this downfall. China is one of the most important markets for Apple after the United States. It soon needs to find a way out for its flagship iPhone models in China.


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