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Samsung Teases Square Folding Phone – Top Trending Stories

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Samsung Teases Square Folding Phone, Will It Click?

Samsung-horizontal-foldable-phone screen grab
Image Credits: Samsung YouTube

The South Korean tech giant Samsung has teased a video of its upcoming square folding phone. This latest concept was introduced at the Samsung Technology Conference 2020 in the United States on Tuesday. Samsung is trying here its best to woo its disgruntled audience after its not so good launch of Galaxy fold phone. The new concept of the square folding phone will have its screen folded and protected, unlike the previous design. The initial design reveals a much smaller real estate of the screen when compared to the earlier design. Samsung hasn’t released the launch date yet. Sources believe that it will take some time before you could lay your hands on one of these horizontal folding phones. Link.



Spain Will Conduct Mass Surveillance Of Phones, Calls It An Experiment

Spain Soccer Fan

Spain is going ahead with its plans to conduct mass surveillance of phones for a period of eight days. The experiment will be conducted by the Spanish Statistic Institute. Though the experiment is done purely on a scientific basis, many have raised questions. What do you think? Link.



Another Grilling Round Set For Zuckerberg?

Image Credits: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

There might soon be another grilling ground for the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Since the launch of its cryptocurrency Libra, the social media giant is facing too much scrutiny. The call from the congress is to find out the impact of this latest launch of Libra on real estate and financial markets in particular. Link.



Thanks To Latest Protocol Your WiFi Signal Can Go Further, Without Changing Hardware

Image Credit: BYU

A group of researchers at Brigham Young University have developed a protocol that will significantly improve the reach of your WiFi signal. You don’t even need to change any hardware for it to work on your WiFi device. Link.



Will You Pay $15 For Video Streaming Service From HBO?

HBO building picture
Image Credit: Flickr Thomas Hawk

HBO has announced its video streaming service Max that will cost you $15 per month. Looking at the competition its kind of on the higher side of the spectrum. HBO promises that all of its latest shows and movies will be available for its consumers. The service will launch in May 2020. The lowest plan for Netflix is under $10. Link.


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