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Samsung Teams up With A Fake Brand to Promote Its Galaxy A8 – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Samsung Teams up With A Fake Brand to Promote Its Galaxy A8

Image Credits: Pixabay camera4u

After posting DSLR image as the image taken from Galaxy A8, Samsung has now stooped even lower by partnering with a knock-off brand to sell its products in China. The real brand is ‘Supreme’, headquartered in the U.S. and is into streetwear. Whereas the Chinese impersonator is the fake brand operating from China illegally. How far Samsung is able to popularise its phone by such means, remains to be seen. Link.



Now Send Voice Message Through Instagram, Should WhatsApp Worry?

Instagram screen shot
Image Credits: Instagram

According to reports, you can now start recording voice messages of up to one minute long on your Instagram app and share it with your friends. Instagram did this quietly on Monday. Is it a way to counter competition from WhatsApp, which has been notorious to steal away the subscribers from it by copying its features?



Google Employees on Strike Again, This Time Against Forced Arbitration by Tech Firms

Google campus
Image Credits: Google

A group of 35 Google employees has come together to end the practice of forced arbitration by the tech firms. The forced arbitration was in place to protect tech firms from the bad press due to employee dissatisfaction. Recently, the harassment cases were settled behind closed doors in these tech firms and the employees were not able to sue the companies. If this practice of forced arbitration comes to an end, employees will have a larger say in the matters that affect them directly.



Facebook’s All Out War Against Ad-Blockers, Is It Desperate for Profits?

Mark Zuckerberg at the U.S. Congress hearing
Image Credits: Flickr Steven Stern

Facebook fills its pages with several lines of code to reduce the effect of an ad-blocker. This it does with so much enthusiasm that it affects its own page’s load speed. The question that many now ask is why Facebook so desperate. Are profits dwindling for the social media giant? Are the recent scandals destroying its foundations?  Only time will tell, but surely the strategy isn’t ethical either.



Auto-Pilot Upgrade for Tesla, Will Elon’s Gamble Pay off?

Elon Musk takes a marijuana puff
Image Credits: Flickr John Trump

Auto-pilot driving technology in cars is all the rage these days. Your car will drive on its own while you take a sip from your coffee cup and relax with your feet down on the driver’s seat. But, if the current accident cases, caused due this technology are taken into consideration, its a big gamble for Elon Musk. Elon tweeted that all Tesla cars that are no more than two years old will now get fitted with an auto-pilot feature. Good news for some, but not so good when there’s still doubts about the liability, if the auto-pilot driven cars meet with an accident.


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