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Samsung Set to Relaunch Foldable Phone in September – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Samsung Set to Relaunch Foldable Phone in September

Samsung Foldable phone
Image Credits: Flickr Felix Josephat

After the failure of its first launch of foldable phones, Samsung is all set to launch its flagship Galaxy foldable phones in September this year. Since its first debacle, the smartphone giant has said that it has made improvements to its foldable phone. The Japanese trade restrictions too had its effect on the launch of the foldable phone as the screen uses a tech that comes from a Japanese firm. Link.



Luke Skywalker, the Future of Robotic Arms?

Image Credits: University of Utah SWNS

Researchers have developed a robotic arm named after the Star Wars character Luke Skywalker that can imitate a real arm. The researchers tested the robotic arm and the amputee was able to feel and touch the objects without any difficulties. The subject was able to pick grapes without crushing them, wear his wedding ring, and hold his wife’s arm. This robotic arm isn’t still available for mass production but has potential. Link.



Tesla Selling in Record Numbers, But Still Making No Profits?

Elon Musk
Image Credits: Flickr OnInnovation

Tesla sold its electric cars in record numbers in Q2 of 2019 but it’s yet to make a profit from the sales. According to reports, the electric car maker made $408 million in losses. The stocks also took a nosedive of 10% after the news broke out. Elon Musk has set his goal to achieve the break-even point by Q3 2019. Link.



Facebook Knows More than the CIA, How Dangerous Is It?

Investigation with a magnifying glass
Image Credits: Flickr Sue Holland

According to a former CIA agent, Facebook has more information on you than the CIA. In fact, Facebook knows you better than you know yourself. The power of algorithm has made it possible for these tech giants to gain a deeper understanding of its users wants and needs. If it doesn’t use technology to engage its viewers it will lose its business. Ultimately, it’s the end-user that suffers not the industry. Link.



Salesforce Partnership with Alibaba to Expand Business in China

Salesforce FB cover image
Image Credits: Salesforce Facebook

Salesforce has joined forces with Alibaba to expand its footprint in China. The cloud-based service provider is looking to make inroads into China for its cloud-based products. It’s aiming to sell these products in China: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Platform. Link.


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